Let it be known that the day Walker suppressed the vote, people yelled like hell.


It was raining and cold and still it felt good to get out and raise some hell against the radical Republican agenda today.

I pieced together this brief video. There are some episodes I didn’t catch in the video, such as the 4th graders who spontaneously began chanting “recall Walker”. [Hold on – Nick Nice caught that! HERE] The fact that the Solidarity Sing Along group struggled to sing loudly enough to match the protesters’ volume. I didn’t capture the way that some protesters close to the troopers could not look at them in the eye, while others could and did so.

The man you’ll see wearing a suit and raising his fist in response to our chanting at the end of the video is @astrodex on twitter.

WORT was able to record and include his confrontational question of Walker in a press conference as well as Walker’s response. AND WORT FM incorporated some of my interview of @astrodex in their Monday-Thursday evening news show, In Our Backyard. Hat’s off to citizen journalist Craig McComb who pulled this news piece together and was super-nice to work with.

If your finances allow, please consider a donation to WORT FM. They run a tight ship which is non-commercial and largely volunteer-powered.

WORT News Story  Link HERE (a nifty soundcloud player may or may not load well right below this)

WORT FM In our backyard: voter suppression & protest-@astrodex confronts Walker + my interview by bluecheddar