State of Wisconsin suddenly worried about voters getting “pinball treatment”?


Image credit: Donald Bell You know your state’s electoral system is in trouble when Rick Hasen has written FIVE blog posts about it in one day. Correction: Six posts. The keywords: ballot design, pinballing the voters, DMV access, chaos, “Wisconsin Poll Watcher Militia“, Judge Niess refuses Wisconsin Supreme Court voter ID order. After you’re done more »

ACLU hopes to get a rehearing on Wisconsin #voterID

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  “To protect the voting rights of Wisconsin citizens this November, the ACLU, ACLU of Wisconsin and Advancement Project are filing a motion today for an en banc rehearing in their case challenging the state’s restrictive voter ID law.” Get more info at ACLU’s site.   Meanwhile, there are over 11,000 people who submitted an absentee more »

Glenwood City, WI to protest at city hall TODAY after learning frac sand CEO is a pedophile imprisoned in Texas since June


***Please read it and then SHARE it***  PRESS RELEASE 8/29/14 Glenwood City, WI For a group of concerned parents and residents who make up the grassroots Glenwood City Citizens for Legal and Ethical Representation it has been two long years of battle for the citizens of Glenwood City, Wis., as they make one final push more »