Your attention please, Independence Day-celebrating Wisconsinites. Still LOTS of alarming BS in that last minute add-on to the WI budget.

Wisconsin’s Governor has released yet another Orwellian decree. It asserts that despite the fact that a radical stripping of open records law was tucked into Thursday’s “motion 999″ that the changes were “never intended to inhibit transparent gov’t in any way“. That’s special. Let’s assume I can pretend that Scott Walker and associated Republican legislators more »

UPDATED: Walker will “make changes” / WI Legislature aims to destroy public access to drafting docs. IT TAKES EFFECT JULY 1st.

UPDATE: Gov. Scott Walker plans to work with lawmakers to change heavy restrictions on public records before the state budget is voted on, his spokeswoman said Friday. “Prior to the budget going to the full Legislature for action, Governor Walker plans to work with legislative leaders to make changes to the provisions included in the more »

“The burning churches south of the Ohio River are a striking reminder that fascism thrives in America”

The note below appears at the blue cheddar blog with Tom Neale’s permission. The burning churches south of the Ohio River are a striking reminder that fascism thrives in America; for one of fascism’s most telling characteristics is its racist component. The demonized other is essential to this evil. In the wisdom traditions it is more »

If you can’t make it to Madison: Where to watch or hear Bernie Sanders tonight #FeelTheBern

Update #2: WORT FM has archived audio of the speech. Update: Ed Schultz will be there. ALERT → After tonight's #edshow, Ed will fly to Madison, Wisconsin, to cover #BernieSanders' 7pCT rally at @AlliantECenter. #FeelTheBern — Ed Schultz (@edshow) July 1, 2015 ——————————————————————————– Doors open at 6PM Central Time and the event starts at 7PM.  more »

WI news round-up 06/30: Mobile DMV for Voter ID?, #WIbudget delays, Milwaukee arena, prevailing wage, MEGA pig farm in Bayfield Co.?…

Round-ups are an assemblage of WI headlines, tweets, and comments. I do these when I’m either too filled with despair or too busy to write. ————————- PUBLIC EDUCATION LOBBYING This is happening today. I’ll be keeping my eyes open for news reports on it!: On Tuesday, June 30, public education supporters from throughout the state more »