Wisconsin week in review

Here’s a quickie rundown and review of recent Wisconsin political stories. WONDER BOY FAILS WONDERFULLY On Monday at 5PM Walker dropped out of the race. Well, technically he “suspended his campaign”. This LA Times cartoon sums it up for us. And this cartoon by Phil Hands sums up the average Wisconsinite’s response: Tomorrow's @WiStateJournal cartoon more »

Video: “Walker’s critics celebrate, supporters reminisce …”

Despite having no more than a few hours notice of the 5PM press conference announcing Walker’s drop out from the presidential campaign, protesting Wisconsinites were ready, able, and willing to serenade Wisconsin’s delusional governor. This TMJ4 footage includes just a SNIPPET of protest singing. This brief broadcast also includes snippets from Wisconsinites who do not more »

Fresh mockery of Scott “Asterisk” Walker

Update: He’s dropping out. 5PM Central News Conference at Edgewater Hotel, Madison WI ——————- As readers are probably familiar, Scott Walker slipped to polling as an asterisk in the latest CNN poll. Here is a sampling of the delicious mockery that erupted on twitter and facebook. Maybe Scott Walker's secret service code name should be more »