Ron Johnson’s “stunt” of a lawsuit finally crashes, burns

ron johnson

“Senator Johnson’s lawsuit is an unfortunate political stunt.” - WI GOP Congressman Jim Sensenbrenner 01/06/14 It cost Senator Ron Johnson at least $51,878.50 to file a baseless lawsuit against Obamacare that was finally thrown out of court. “Given that the plaintiffs receive, at worst, a benefit, they cannot claim to be injured under an equal protection theory”, said more »

ALERT for JACKSON COUNTY: “Powerful Sand Mine Companies are Gaming the System…” Informational Hearing, Thurs., 7/17 9:30am, Black River Falls


I am copying and pasting exactly what I received by email today.  - blue cheddar     ——————————————————- ATTACHMENTS:  Public Notice, Ordinances, Flyer Please distribute  this message widely (a flyer is also attached).  We need as many people as possible from all over the state to attend the meeting tomorrow.  I am also contacting the media, newspaper and more »

AZ Republican delivers frothy speech about busload of kids – who then laugh. They’re local kids going to camp.


If this Republican fails in Arizona politics, he should give Hollywood a try. Reporter Brahm Resnick caught a Republican state legislator and candidate for office dramatically orating about “lady justice holding a blindfold over her face” in front of some conservative protesters (presumably protesters itching to yell at children from Central America on their way more »