Paul Ryan got caught weaseling on network television


Holy smokes. Here’s a gold star for ABC News host Jonathan Karl who was ready for Paul Ryan’s weaseling. Paul Ryan appeared on ABC’s This Week on Sunday and attempted to place responsibility for the sequester cuts on Obama. Then Jonathan Karl reminded Paul Ryan that he was very publicly in favor of the sequester idea and the automatic cuts.

“Congressman, I’ve heard you say this, and this has been a talking point for Republicans for a long time,” Karl interrupted. “But let’s look at your own words…

Jonathan Karl also deserves praise for quizzing Ryan about his promised 10-year balanced budget plan (His previous proposed budget had a 30 year timeline.) Seems Paul Ryan’s budget timelines are a lot like his marathon times. As he gets older, they get much faster.

More details and video viewing to be had at Raw Story.

I dedicate this one to Paul Ryan: