Walker flies out to Cali, talks about impending plans for Wisconsin


Speaking in California is a helluva way for a Wisconsin governor to inform his constituents of, well, anything.

Oh well.  Nobody ever accused Scott Walker of possessing  sophistication and charm.

Here’s the gist of what Walker promises for 2013,  as revealed to a receptive crowd in Simi Valley, CA :

-“we’re going to continue to lower our property taxes, and we’re going to put in place an aggressive income tax reduction and reform in the state of Wisconsin”

-performance-based targets tied to increased state funding for K-12, colleges, and tech schools  – “especially in higher education”

-expansion of “school choice” and charter schools

-more streamlining of Wisconsin’s rules and regulations

Head on over to Dan Bice’s piece on this for responses from Robin Vos and Chris Larson.

Bice notes that “Walker was accompanied by Diane Hendricks, owner of ABC Supply and a major GOP fundraiser.”


Here’s a 1 hour video of Walker’s talk at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library and Museum. This will pick up where he’s answering a question about what he plans for the next legislative session.

Ready your nausea medication.  The crowd is lapping up his every word.  I frankly can’t listen to this right now.  Maybe later.