Wisconsin State Senate Dems Take Majority. Van Wanggaard not pursuing challenge of recount.


According to AP, Van Wanggaard announced today he will not challenge the recount which puts John Lehman in a Wisconsin State Senate seat.  At this time Democratic Senator Mark Miller is the State Senate Majority Leader.

The Wisconsin Democratic Party senators now have a 17-16 majority which could be short-lived as senators face elections in November.

Lehman had a lead of 834 votes in the June 5 election, and the recount completed on July 2 narrowed his lead slightly to 819 votes.

This saga is over.

I suspect we’ll again see out-of-state GOP operatives in Racine in November harassing voters — especially non-white voters — under the guise of “observation”. I hope that Democratic Party members and all who claim they care about equal and fair access to the vote will do a better job of protecting voter access this fall.

If you don’t know what I’m talking about, you can find info. in
Accounts of recall voter intimidation, voter confusion, and voter harassment in Racine, Wisconsin