Glenn Grothman: “The Left and the social welfare establishment want children born out of wedlock”


I hope I’ll be forgiven for veering off of the topic of recalls for a moment. It’s time to revisit one of Wisconsin’s wingnut hall of fame stars: GOP senator from West Bend, Glenn Grothman.

To be fair, the headline doesn’t do Grothman justice. I had to abbreviate it. Here’s the complete quote:
“The Left and the social welfare establishment want children born out of wedlock because they are far more likely to be dependent on the government.”
This comes from a document Grothman has been distributing the upshot of which seems to be if you make social programs available to single moms, you ensure that they are dependent on the government and will not get married – AND it is a horrible very bad no good thing that we have single parents at all. It also has the occasional bizarre statement like, “..the abolition of the family was a goal of Karl Marx and has been for atheistic socialists ever since”.

I mean just where do I begin? Unfortunately, I started to reach for some facts, which means I got stuck on the first paragraph.

Grothman says we have “increasingly aggressive sex ed programs” and the government is spending millions to give out free birth control to “15-year-old girls and recently boys…Clearly pushing more contraceptives on high schoolers is not the answer”. First off, Grothman is trying to skew your perception of single-parenthood.

They’re usually not poor:
23.5% of custodial single-moms get food stamps
27% of all custodial single-moms are in poverty

They tried being married:
only 34.2% of single-moms have never been married – Source

But to go back and address Grothman’s B.S. about contraception and teens:

If we really do have an uptick in contraception getting to young people I’d be relieved.
In 2008 we got our first national study on abstinence ed vs. comprehensive sex ed and found out ” students who got comprehensive sex education are half as likely to become teen parents as those who got abstinence-only instruction or no sex education”

We’re fresh out of the Bush administration .The Bush administration spent $176 million a year on funding abstinence only programs across the U.S. though there was no reason to believe that throwing money at that solution would do any good.

While a Governor in Texas Bush spent $10 million on abstinence-only programs [1995-2000] and, “the state ranked last in the nation in the decline of teen birth rates among 15- to 17-year-old females”.-Union of Concerned Scientists

Next you think I’m going to say that President Obama has done a 180 degree turnaround on the matter, don’t you? Not *exactly*. Obama authorized spending $250 million on abstinence-only education 2010-2015. So spending per year on these failing abstinence programs has gone down but has not stopped completely.

I’m just addressing 1 nugget of inflammatory drivel from Grothman. I’ll be here all day if I march through all of them (not to mention get exhausted). But feel free to add your own comment reply here. Read his screed in full but first put on your high waders. It gets pretty thick in there.

"..the abolition of the family was a goal of Karl Marx and has been for atheistic socialists ever since"

Glenn Grothman is from West Bend and is a Republican senator in the 20th district.

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