How to float your boat…by the Governor’s mansion


Madison is a a city of multiple lovely lakes. Scott Walker happens to enjoy access to the state’s own “Governor’s Mansion” at the edge of Lake Mendota in the village of Maple Bluff, which I just so happen to live quite close to. Which makes me nothing special. Thousands of people live on the East side of Madison, which some of us lovingly call “The Commie Quarter”. Thus, thousands of left-leaning people live within a stone’s throw of one of the nation’s most right-leaning reactionaries and his wife and sons in their temporary quarters . And thousands have access to the edge of the mansion both by land via a sidewalk, and by water via Lake Mendota.

So when it leaked out Friday that Tonette, Walker’s wife, was to host a garden party on Saturday, some of Walker’s neighbors could not resist the temptation to float by and say “RECALL!”. We’re not the usual kickin-back-with-a-can-o-beer-and-some-Creedence-Clearwater-Revival types. Or at least we aren’t anymore (nothing against Creedance by the way. I happen to love that stuff.)

What did it amount to? Nine people, 2 kayaks, 2 canoes, 1 paddle boat, a huge Recall Walker message to the assembled Republicans, and a great time. I hope the flotilla also conveys the message that Wisconsin protesters never rest, we will protest you at the drop of a hat, and we are creative, fun people.  It was so fun, we’re going to do it weekly! – Sign up at A Summer Full of #wiflotilla on facebook.

Details from the float: The Republicans assembled have the same JcPenneys clothes and haircuts you’ve seen at the golf course. What I heard of their music carried a safe blues base line. Eyeballing the visible crowd I’d say 1,000 people. No swear words or insults were exchanged. One woman looked at us from the shore with binoculars and small groups came to the end of the dock and took photos of us and waved.

A black helicopter flew over us. Yes…REALLY. That I didn’t expect. The Dane County Sheriff boat checked out the assembled at least once, but that’s to be expected. The waterways of Wisconsin are patrolled by various Wisconsin local police units every 4th of July weekend to watch out for inebriated and dangerous boaters.

On our way back to Burrows Park 1 man lounging on his dock yelled at us to “Get to work!” after Katy said “Recall Walker!” I may have shot him a swear word. Ironically, Arthur had worked that same weekend day.

Special credit and thanks go to Arthur, the man behind the facebook page Shit Scott Walker is Doing to My State. He’s the guy who carried this from start to finish. Also, Katy and Jim brought the huge Recall Walker sign. It’s even waterproof. You can buy one at United Wisconsin.

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  6 comments for “How to float your boat…by the Governor’s mansion

  1. WC Green
    August 30, 2011 at 7:21 pm

    So, you have thousands at your disposal, but you can only muster nine for a protest. Where I come from, that puts you in fringe nutjob territory.

    BTW, huge means “of exceedingly great size.” What that kayaker is carrying is a regular sign. I was expecting a banner the size of a parasail. I guess exaggeration is the norm for you.

    • August 30, 2011 at 8:26 pm

      While I don’t really appreciate the spirit of the comment, at least you did not resort to swearing etc. So that is good. It was a very odd protest, indeed. I almost didn’t do this. Yes–paltry numbers really, but it was on very, very short notice and on a holiday weekend when many people do make plans with family etc. The thing this taught me is that numbers don’t really equal media coverage or attention. We got a LOT of coverage. I think people just really liked the idea of us on the water. Ultimately, it was a success, weird as it may seem.

  2. Sjay
    July 8, 2011 at 4:59 am

    Just what ARE you babbling about, Auntie Lib?

    • July 8, 2011 at 3:48 pm

      LOL! At least “Auntie Lib” is creative and not a filthy name call. Credit for that.

  3. July 7, 2011 at 10:45 pm

    All you liberal, tax and spend, “rich people should pay more”, freeloading, slash and burn people’s character, plastic bucket-pounding, “shame, shame, shame bleating” dope-smoking, public property defiling, foul-smelling, union loving unless it’s YOUR job at stake, hypocritical hacks should give it a rest and quit wasting money on your ridiculous dreams of overturning elections with your apoplectic rants and meaningless protests…you LOST…Get over it!

    • July 8, 2011 at 3:56 pm

      Pretty humorous jam-packed comment there…”dope-smoking” “foul-smelling” “apoplectic” LOL! To be perfectly honest, I think I may have met 1 new friend who I think smokes dope. I do approve of legalization of pot on freedom principles (though I do not partake myself) and I know a dopehead when I see one. The protesters are not dopies as a rule, but then, it is a very diverse set of people. On elections, we’ll do what we need to to hold onto democracy and we’ll work damn hard to get rid of the GOP cronies. People are waking up. They should have been awake last fall. Part of the issue is the misinformation that’s spread on corporate-backed ads and then there’s the Milwaukee press that’s in the back pocket of the conservative “think” tank WPRI. Big problem.

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