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Wisconsin Recall: Vinehout’s the Real Deal

Endorsements for candidates in posts here do not represent the opinions of all regular contributers, blue cheddar, or the blog’s many guest writers. I spent most of Wednesday afternoon reading up on Kathleen Vinehout, in part because she’s the Democratic gubernatorial challenger I find most compelling, in part because a blogger I very much respect more »

Ready, Set, Recall! by Carrie


A guest post by Carrie: Tomorrow is opening day of the Signature Hunting Season in Wisconsin! Thousands of people are poised with clipboards and petitions to fan out across the state in order to gather about a million signatures to recall Governor Scott Walker and Lt. Governor Rebecca Kleefisch. Although it may sound insane to more »

How We Win This War by Karen Vieth

This is a guest post by Madison teacher, Karen Vieth. I met her in the rotunda of the Capitol weeks ago after a Sing Along. She spoke passionately to me about her story and I urged her to write so you all could hear it. Today we have her post: I recently sat at an more »

Join me…LIVE

Come on over to the live page of widgety primary night fun. Results and around the state commentary…It’s OK. I promise you I WON’T try to send you an absentee ballot.

Open primary raid attempt in Wisconsin: Republicans sending conservatives to fake candidate Buckstaff in Hopper’s district

  Update 3PM Central: Statement from Jessica King on Buckstaff’s fake candidacy and Hopper’s latest tactic Republicans in Hopper’s district are being told to vote for “Pro-Wisconsin” fake candidate Buckstaff in the Democratic primary against Jessica King with a new flyer. They will be attempting what’s called an “open primary raid” and there is nothing more »

A Wisconsin status check.

I’m going to do the impossible and give a status check on all of Wisconsin politics. It might help the out-of-stater who is perhaps just now turning his or her attention from Anthony Weiner’s umm… tweets…and back to really important stuff like what is happening in my state. Wisconsin is hot again. Maybe too hot. more »

Wisconsin: The out-of-state money and agitators.

You know what’s sad? The only bit of news here is that the price paid for a signature gathered against a Democrat might have risen from 50 cents to $2.00. But I’m still upset. Why is that? After all, it is already verified Republicans have paid workers 50 cents per gathered signature in Green Bay. more »

Senator Fred Risser: You da man.

Senator Fred Risser is the longest serving state legislator in American political history and he has never lost an election. How much do Madisonians love Fred? How’s this: He received the longest standing ovation of any person on the stage in an evening of almost screaming-at-the-Beatles-in-a-frenzy-ovations at the Ed Schultz town hall here recently. So more »

Grab bag ‘o’ Wisconsin: Recall updates, Election “anomolies”, Who spent $5.4 million on Prosser/Kloppenburg

A citizens group plans to file recall petitions against Democratic state Sen. Jim Holperin by the end of this week Holperin would be the first Democratic Senator in Wisconsin to face a confirmed recall election. He serves the far Northeastern wooded counties of Wisconsin in Senate District 12 MAP  from wausaudailyherald Unveiling of the Democratic more »

Luther Olsen Recall Signatures are In + My Status Check on Recall of Wisconsin Republican Senators

We will see AT LEAST 5 sets of signatures to recall 5 Wisconsin GOP Senators turned in by May 2nd–barring unforeseen natural disasters and devilish acts we can’t foresee. Senator Sheila Harsdorf  Signatures Incoming Tues. 4/19/11 “Organizers of the recall effort tell 5 EYEWITNESS NEWS they have more than 22,000 signatures, 7,000 more than the 15,744 needed more »