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Wisconsin’s April 1st Election Results

The internet at cheddar place is intermittently working, so this is what I can muster using a phone. I’ll keep updating this as time permits today. FYI – Channel 3000 seems to be compiling a great deal of election data. MADISON: Firefighter Michael Flores won his bid for school board against Strong with a tad more »

Occupy the GOP: Art for Gov May 8

Endorsements for candidates in posts here do not represent the opinions of all regular contributers, blue cheddar, or the blog’s many guest writers. As I wrote earlier, of the four Democratic candidates vying to face Walker in the June 5 Wisconsin Recall election, my pick is Kathleen Vinehout, who has said this on more than more »

Wisconsin Recall: Vinehout’s the Real Deal

Endorsements for candidates in posts here do not represent the opinions of all regular contributers, blue cheddar, or the blog’s many guest writers. I spent most of Wednesday afternoon reading up on Kathleen Vinehout, in part because she’s the Democratic gubernatorial challenger I find most compelling, in part because a blogger I very much respect more »

Wisconsin Recall: Shooting the Moon

In his desperation to stay in office, Governor Scott Walker is throwing huge sums of bad money after more bad money. In fact, the only thing he has going for him is moola, most of it from out of state. Well, that, and a “quirk in state law” that enables a politician being targeted with more »

Cart Ahead of Horse in Wisconsin Recall Poll

speaking speak speech speaker talk

Did you see this headline in the Washington Post last week? Scott Walker Leads in Wisconsin Recall Poll I bet I wasn’t the only one who felt slightly sick upon reading that. The article mentions in passing that “the Democratic race has yet to really heat up.” Ya think? The signatures are still being counted! more »

Dear Russ: An Open Letter to Russ Feingold


Dear Russ, We know you have said repeatedly that you would not run for public office in 2012, and we have tried repeatedly to respect and honor that. But over and over again the idea comes sailing back, that the one person who would be best for Wisconsin in this exceptional historical moment, for so more »

Wisconsin Recall: We Are What Democracy Looks Like

Hundreds of UW Madison students fill Wisconsin's Capitol Building, Feb. 14, 2001

With less than a week to go in Wisconsin’s effort to collect signatures for the Walker recall, many of us are understandably turning our thoughts to who will run against him in the upcoming election. Honestly, the first thought that has come to mind every time I’ve considered the question is Russ Feingold. But Feingold more »

Stoughton Man Cited After Scuffle With Recall Circulator

recall poster

A 54-year-old Stoughton man was cited for disorderly conduct after he provoked a confrontation with a 41-year-old Madison woman collecting recall signatures on Madison’s east side. The incident happened Thursday, December 8. Here is the Madison Police Department’s incident report: ________________________________________________________ POSTED: Friday, December 9, 2011 Release from Madison Police: Incident Type: Disturbance Incident Date: more »

Nobody Buys DOA Disinformation at Wisconsin Capitol

1 DOA 2nd

About 30-50 people gathered in the Capitol building’s basement this morning to question Chief Tubbs and a Department of Administration rep. on a new policy that will — among other things — force protesters at Wisconsin’s Capitol building to pay for additional law enforcement and treat groups of 4 or more people as “rallies”. DOA’s more »

Celebrate Wisconsin values and join in the recall with public safety workers: Saturday Dec. 3rd in Madison

Image from eaghra I was one of the thousands effusively thanking firefighters and police officers for standing in solidarity with all workers in Madison’s protests. They were there despite the fact that Walker’s attack didn’t focus on them. Now you and I have a chance to thank public safety employees again for keeping the faith more »

Black Friday Means Recall Friday in Madison, Wisconsin

P1170568 (Medium)

Today while some Americans celebrated the 20th annual “Buy Nothing Day”, avid recall volunteers took advantage of the Black Friday shopping traffic. I checked out a few of these spots in Madison and a couple regular haunts but there was no drama to report –unless you count the occasional middle finger salute from a passing more »

Scott Walker’s Ad to Recall Himself


This is a rare moment. Here goes. Ready? I’m going to say it: Let’s let Scott Walker do the talking. This epic ad was brought to you by the facebook page Shit Scott Walker is Doing to My State Want to know more about that 1st recall? Interesting reading awaits. Walker got into office as more »

Madison Police: Providing a Safe Place for Democracy

butterflies everywhere

Recently we’ve seen a lot of iconic images of police brutality against peaceful protesters from all over the country. From New York City to Tampa to Denver to Oakland and Davis, California, police are apparently under the illusion that violence is an appropriate response when the people exercise their constitutional right to free speech and more »

Wisconsin Recall Videos Week 1

P1170449 (Medium)

I’ll start from newest to oldest. Take your pick. Here’s a montage of images and video from the November 19 Recall Rally in Madison. You’ll see the Solidarity Sing Along singers, avid recall volunteer Roberta Retrum from Eagle River, and the rotunda full of people. Roberta’s had great success in the hometown of Tea Party more »

Wisconsin Lost 9,300 More Private Sector Jobs in October

Sorry Walker Voter

The Wisconsin Department of Workforce Development released preliminary employment numbers today for October, 2011. Though the seasonally adjusted unemployment rate declined by one tenth of a percent compared to September, Wisconsin lost 9,300 private sector jobs in October, and 9,700 jobs overall. For those keeping score at home, that is the fourth straight month of more »