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Observations and Realizations of 2011


As most people do, I have been reflecting a lot on what’s taken place in 2011, and as is my nature, have observed some very interesting things. First and foremost, the uprising of the downtrodden. Whether it be here or abroad, people are sick and tired of being fed lies and deceit. They are tired more »

Scott Walker on “Big Government” and Occupy Wall Street

bootOUTwalker (Medium)

Who does Fox and Friends’ Gretchen Carlson turn to to help her understand the Occupy Wall Street and Occupy Movement? Specifically, the entry of unions in the mix? None other than Wisconsin Governor Scott “Recall” Walker.  No surprise he’s still on his message that every single story is about private enterprise vs. “Big Government”. GRETCHEN more »

Shaken? Angry? Proud?

I just read “The Mood in Wisconsin: Shaken, Angry, but Proud” by Jane Slaughter from Union Notes.  It’s a great post. Jim Cavanaugh of SCFL answers that union members are “more angry than depressed” Carl Aniel says some are ” incredibly frustrated and stunned. Other people are very motivated and want to do more than has more »

Seriously? Walker tried to dine 1 block from the Capitol?

The  restaurant where Walker was supposedly booed is 1 block from Madison’s Capitol building: “ground zero” for protest against Walker’s radical “Budget Repair Bill”. I’m a little doubtful this really happened because – well – is he really so ignorant that he thinks he can relax in public anywhere on the Isthmus of Madison now? more »

Ohio Citizens Locked Out of Their Own Statehouse Today

This is not what Democracy looks like. When thousands arrived at the Ohio Statehouse in Columbus today, they found themselves locked out of their own government building. They came to protest SB 5 – a bill much like Scott Walker’s inappropriately named “Budget Repair Bill”. Ohio’s governor unveiled his union-busting bill 2 days before Walker more »

Where there is Andrew Breitbart, there are lies.

Some people leave a wake of garbage in their path. Reminds me of Pigpen from Charlie Brown . Andrew Breitbart spoke at Madison, Wisconsin yesterday to approximately 3,500 Tea Party and Pro-Walker people. They were there to do their darndest to match the numbers of Progressives, workers, and students that have rallied since last week more »

I woke up ready for this.

Just a quick note- A twitter friend has offered high speed access just off the square of the Capitol. I’m hauling a lot of gear over and hope to at minimum do audio from there.  If I find some tech-savvy youth-maybe some video too. You’ll get updates on this via facebook/twitter/here. At 5pm last night more »

Wisconsin Breaking: Workers rush to Capitol, UW to Stage Walk-out, Senators to Try to Sneek In & Out, Rally Noon

A UW Madison student and teacher assistant walk out is planned today for 9:15AM behind Lincoln’s statue on Bascom, with 10:30AM rally in Library Mall, and an 11AM Capitol Square rally to follow. Rumors circulate that Wisconsin’s Senate will rush to get in the Capitol early and begin their vote on a radical “Budget Repair more »

The Public Stands Their Ground. A “Filibuster” of Testimony Continues Until 3AM Wednesday in Wisconsin

Update: Just got word that the informal portion of this hearing continues now-11:22AM Wednesday. Which means Democratic legislators are still listening to constituents in a marathon that is over 24 hours long. Right now, 1:00AM Central Standard Time, a hearing room in Wisconsin’s Capitol Building remains packed and testimony rolls on. [I’m watching online: http://www.wiseye.org/] This more »

Students and Staff Filled Wisconsin’s Capitol Monday

The voices of University of Wisconsin staff members, students and community members shouting “Kill this bill” reverberated through the Capitol rotunda Monday as nearly 1,100 protesters marched down State Street to the governor’s office door. The event, organized by the Teaching Assistants’ Association, included handing off thousands of valentines reading “I heart UW, Governor Walker, more »

Wisconsin Responds to Governor Scott Walker’s attack on public employees and worker rights

Wednesday February 16 SEIU lists buses leaving from 17 Wisconsin locations for the Capitol 10 a.m. Legislative Briefings at Masonic Temple, 301 Wisconsin Ave, Madison 11 a.m. Lobby Visits, State Capitol Noon Rally on Capitol Square Tuesday – State Street Capitol Steps Wednesday – King St. Capitol Entrance 1 p.m. Resume Lobby Visits, State Capitol more »

Ohio bill gives clues as to what Scott Walker has in store for Wisconsin unions

[Here’s a LINK to the Wisconsin union-busting bill Scott Walker unveiled.] Friday February 11th Governor Scott Walker will drop a bomb on public sector employees in this formerly blue state: “Gov. Scott Walker told The Associated Press in an exclusive interview Thursday that he will propose removing nearly all public employee collective bargaining rights to more »

Grab bag of blogging: If the bumper sticker bleeds, it leads | Wisconsin union-busting theories | Team Scooter | Elizabeth Warren

Republican State Representative Robin Vos thinks this bumper sticker image of Scott Walker with a train flying through his head is “indecent”(the first sticker design was more gross. Check it out.). WPR’s Joy Cardin will chat about the Democratic-sponsored sticker and more on her radio program’s 8-9am tomorrow,  Friday 12/31. In good taste or not, this more »