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Iowa is smelling the BS around Walker’s Kohls speech

Iowans are learning that Scott Walker doled out over $68 million to Kohls. It’s undermining his “brown bag government” schtick. Excellent! If they keep pulling at loose threads on his stories they’re going to turn up tales of unaccountable millions in corporate welfare he gave out through WEDC. Des Moines Register has the story:  Some more »

Who’s Unintimidated? A Tale of Two Books

Walker afraid of singers-1

I participate as often as I can in the Solidarity Sing Along, which has been singing songs of protest at the Wisconsin State Capitol every weekday from noon to 1 since March 11, 2011 (toward the end of that little uprising we had going on at the time). And many of you are no doubt more »

I am not a crook

“Absolutely,” Walker said when asked if he was confident he was not a target of the probe. Nobody says he’s guilty of lack of confidence.  He’s pathologically full of that stuff. But will it impress the judge and jury?

Real Wisconsin Job Numbers Show Another Loss

by eutrophication&hypoxia on flickr

There is “Real Wisconsin Cheese” and there is cheese in a can. In the same way, there are real labor statistics and there are fake labor statistics. On Wednesday, Reggie Newsen, the Secretary of the Department of Workforce Development (DWD), created a smokescreen with a set of job numbers that showed modest job growth in more »

$$ Voting Made Easy: Empowering the 99%

Voting with your dollars

I’m about to buy a lawn mower, but I don’t want my money used to attack Wisconsin workers and families. There are several lists of companies to avoid when making purchasing decisions, such as companies led by people who gave big donations directly to the Walker campaign. Buying local is usually a wise decision, but more »

Pro-Falk Group Buying Ads in Wisconsin


Daniel Bice of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel is reporting that a newly-formed political group has purchased air time in 5 Wisconsin markets to run TV ads promoting Kathleen Falk. Falk is campaigning to become the Democratic nominee against Governor Scott Walker in an almost certain upcoming recall election. The group calling itself “Wisconsin for Falk” more »

Wisconsin Recall: Shooting the Moon

In his desperation to stay in office, Governor Scott Walker is throwing huge sums of bad money after more bad money. In fact, the only thing he has going for him is moola, most of it from out of state. Well, that, and a “quirk in state law” that enables a politician being targeted with more »

4 of 5 new appointees to Small Business Regulatory Review Board donated to Walker campaign

Wisconsin is Open for Business Sign

Last week, Governor Scott Walker announced the appointment of 5 members to his new Small Business Regulatory Review Board. Walker said this about the board: “The Small Business Regulatory Review Board has the authority to review every rule in all of our state agencies. They will work to remove antiquated and unnecessary regulations that pose more »

Cart Ahead of Horse in Wisconsin Recall Poll

speaking speak speech speaker talk

Did you see this headline in the Washington Post last week? Scott Walker Leads in Wisconsin Recall Poll I bet I wasn’t the only one who felt slightly sick upon reading that. The article mentions in passing that “the Democratic race has yet to really heat up.” Ya think? The signatures are still being counted! more »

Are You Kidding Me? Another Month of Job Losses?


I have mixed feelings about the ease of my self-assigned task of reporting Wisconsin’s employment data in the worst light possible. Obviously it hurts to see so many Wisconsinites still looking for full-time, decent-paying jobs that just aren’t there, but it’s no surprise that Walker’s economic strategy has resulted in a 6th straight month of more »

Dear Russ: An Open Letter to Russ Feingold


Dear Russ, We know you have said repeatedly that you would not run for public office in 2012, and we have tried repeatedly to respect and honor that. But over and over again the idea comes sailing back, that the one person who would be best for Wisconsin in this exceptional historical moment, for so more »

Wisconsin Recall: We Are What Democracy Looks Like

Hundreds of UW Madison students fill Wisconsin's Capitol Building, Feb. 14, 2001

With less than a week to go in Wisconsin’s effort to collect signatures for the Walker recall, many of us are understandably turning our thoughts to who will run against him in the upcoming election. Honestly, the first thought that has come to mind every time I’ve considered the question is Russ Feingold. But Feingold more »

From Wisconsin’s Department of Unmitigated Gall


I received a charming little missive in my inbox today from none other than our illustrious guv himself: E-update from the Desk of Governor Scott Walker One of the most important duties I have serving as your Governor is to provide you directly with updates related to the operation of our state government. In an more »

Wisconsin Set to Throw the Republicans Out


According to Andrew Feldman’s Christmas Eve opinion piece in the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel, “Despite Democrats’ massive protests and their success at gathering recall signatures, most Wisconsinites did not appear to be in a ‘throw the Republicans out’ mood in 2011. If they had been, Supreme Court Justice David Prosser would be out of a job and more »

Walker Administration Finds New Excuse For Job Losses

photo by Fatty Tuna on flickr

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) released preliminary national employment numbers today for the month of November. Once again, Wisconsin leads the way in job losses – 14,600 jobs lost after adjusting for seasonal factors. From the BLS report: The largest over-the-month statistically significant declines in employment occurred in Wisconsin (-14,600) and Minnesota (-13,700). more »

Walker, Fitzgerald Attempt Smokescreens While Recall Succeeds and Job Creation Fails

by eutrophication&hypoxia on flickr

Assembly Speaker Jeff Fitzgerald and Governor Scott Walker each yelled “squirrel” today, attempting to distract the hounds that are getting close to recalling Walker. Fitzgerald spewed some nonsense about restructuring the non-partisan Government Accountability Board (GAB), the agency that oversees elections in Wisconsin. He also introduced a bill to make signing a recall petition more more »

The Transformative Power of Protest

Hundreds of UW Madison students fill Wisconsin's Capitol Building, Feb. 14, 2001

This weekend HuffPost ran a piece by Steven van Zandt called “There Is Only One Issue in America,” that one issue being the financing of public elections. I can think of many important issues other than that one, and I am naturally skeptical of solutions that seem to come with “it’s so simple” stamped on more »