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Ferraro, Compas, and June 5, 2012


In 1984, Geraldine Ferraro was the first female vice-presidential candidate in U.S. history. I think she was the first female political candidate to register on my radar. I was twenty-eight years old. I was a long way from being the political junkie that I have become. I didn’t yet identify myself as a feminist. At more »

Blogger’s Report: Recall Papers Have Been Filed on Scott Walker, Rebecca Kleefisch, and Scott Fitzgerald

heading over

At 9AM this morning the Wisconsin State Senate rules committee began a meeting many are concerned will hobble recall efforts in Wisconsin. Simultaneously, two blocks away a group of people proclaimed they would exercise the right to recall one of the most hated Wisconsin politicians in all of history: Governor Scott Walker. We were jammed more »

Judge Sumi plays by the rules. Wisconsin Republicans don’t.

“Wisconsin Republicans were struck down in a blaze of judicial glory” – Sarah Jones, Politicususa. I wish Judge Maryann Sumi really was a fire-breathing liberal. However, I believe she just respects the Wisconsin constitution and the law. I learned what I need to know about Wisconsin’s open meetings’ law from watching Peter Barca fire-breathe it on more »

Headlines. Call ’em like you see ’em.

I’ve been traipsing about meeting Joanne Kloppenburg and hanging out at Wisconsin’s capitol with the other fans of cooperatives and labor. I’m now parking myself at a free computer at Michelangelo’s on State St.  Apparently while I was out having fun, illusory tenant was combing the net and finding that most U.S. dailies got the more »

Counterfeit Wisconsin

The Walker administration is pretending lying. They have printed the “budget repair bill” and they are putting forth the message that it doesn’t need to face the scrutiny of the Wisconsin Supreme Court as decided by an appellate court on 3/24/11. (Court’s decision. My post on the decision.) Scott Walker, Scott Fitzgerald and the Wisconsin more »

Wisconsin reacts: Protest, Recall, Strike, Boycott.

Video of last night’s GOP kill of workers’ rights Backup link to video. And here is an audio link – the video will likely be removed at some point Representative Peter Barca is the man interrupting and saying the law for meetings has been violated. Wisconsin GOP Senate members later said they were in “Special more »

Wisconsin, it’s not about you.

As I finish reviewing this article, 6pm March 9, the Republican GOP assembles to vote. And 5 minutes, and it’s done. Peter Barca interrupts Scott Fitzgerald to say that open meetings law of Wisconsin is violated. Not even 2 hours of notice was given, and only with “just cause” [usually an emergency] may a government more »