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Occupy Movement 10/01/11-Protesters Overtake Brooklyn Bridge, Halted, Arrested-Recorded call to Arthur on Bridge

wall st crowd 09 29 11

blue cheddar: Here’s a conversation I just recorded with Arthur while he was standing on the bridge, on the pedestrian walkway, watching people get cuffed/removed: spare link – CALL TO ARTHUR on Brooklyn Bridge 10 01 11 Below are tweets and facebook updates from Arthur and Jenna (Wisconsinites on Wall Street) as well as the more »

The Occupy Movement – Wall Street Grievances Named

occupy wall street sign

This list of grievances from the protesters on Wall St. was posted to reddit last night. OUR GRIEVANCES 1.Campaign Finance Reform All votes are no longer equal in our Democracy. Money must be put outside of politics, or politicians will continue to pander to those who contribute the most to their campaigns, rather than their more »

Protesting Scott Walker and The Croquet Ballers

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Protests usually make me feel gleeful. This protest made me feel alternately happy and nauseous. It was because I had to actually watch Walker’s buddies play croquet on the lawn of what is known as “The Governor’s Mansion” but which is the property of the State of Wisconsin. Despite this sign stuck in a car more »

Seriously? Walker tried to dine 1 block from the Capitol?

The  restaurant where Walker was supposedly booed is 1 block from Madison’s Capitol building: “ground zero” for protest against Walker’s radical “Budget Repair Bill”. I’m a little doubtful this really happened because – well – is he really so ignorant that he thinks he can relax in public anywhere on the Isthmus of Madison now? more »