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Hizzoner Da Mayor versus Occupy Madison

Madison Mayor Paul Soglin threw a hissy fit yesterday about Occupy Madison, which he is determined to evict and close down—end of story—at the end of the month. And boy howdy was Soglin ever on the defensive. When it was suggested that the site didn’t cost the city anything, he said, “That is one of more »

More photos from today’s Wisconsin budget protest

Here’s a slideshow. If you’d like some easy-to-share and downloadable images, check out the facebook album HERE. I’d like to write something wise about the damage done inside the Capitol today.  But I’m getting some video together. For the moment I’ll just say that I am still the same person I was and I still more »

Russ Feingold and Firefighters visited Walkerville

A few videos from yesterday at Walkerville. The second video, which is the full speech delivered by Russ Feingold, is from Defend Wisconsin. When Russ walked into the space people became alert and electrified. A woman standing in front of me would interject “YES!!” and “THANK YOU!!” regularly. In this first video Russ says “we more »

Special guest on Solidarity Wisconsin Friday 10am: Chris Reeder, song leader of Solidarity Sing Along

I’m pleased as punch to welcome Chis Reeder to the 10AM Solidarity Wisconsin online radio show today. Here’s a link to the archived show. If you haven’t heard of the Solidarity Sing Along group, it might be because you’re not from Wisconsin or Spain. Yes-Spain! [nggallery id=7] The pro-union songsters who sing at Wisconsin’s Capitol more »

I will be at The Ed Schultz Show at The Barrymore 4:30PM. It’s a Madison, Wisconsin Town Hall

Here we go. Yet another quickly planned who-the-heck-knows-how-this-will-go event:  I’ll be at the Barrymore Theater on Atwood 4:30PM and into the evening taking part ina  “town hall” with Ed Schultz. I’ll be interviewing people – sending easily digested audio to SolidarityWisconsin.com and then  tweeting those brief interviews out to you – – I hope. Also more »

100,000 Welcome the Dem14 Home in Madison, Wisconsin

I’m going to say 100,000. I see reports of “over 85,000” but as I saw no helicopters flying overhead, meaning we had no professional estimates, the evaluation by someone who’s been to every single historic Saturday labor rally in Madison, Wisconsin is good as any. I spent the day at Madison, Wisconsin’s largest rally yesterday. more »

Seriously? Walker tried to dine 1 block from the Capitol?

The  restaurant where Walker was supposedly booed is 1 block from Madison’s Capitol building: “ground zero” for protest against Walker’s radical “Budget Repair Bill”. I’m a little doubtful this really happened because – well – is he really so ignorant that he thinks he can relax in public anywhere on the Isthmus of Madison now? more »

Where there is Andrew Breitbart, there are lies.

Some people leave a wake of garbage in their path. Reminds me of Pigpen from Charlie Brown . Andrew Breitbart spoke at Madison, Wisconsin yesterday to approximately 3,500 Tea Party and Pro-Walker people. They were there to do their darndest to match the numbers of Progressives, workers, and students that have rallied since last week more »