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Wisconsin Set to Throw the Republicans Out


According to Andrew Feldman’s Christmas Eve opinion piece in the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel, “Despite Democrats’ massive protests and their success at gathering recall signatures, most Wisconsinites did not appear to be in a ‘throw the Republicans out’ mood in 2011. If they had been, Supreme Court Justice David Prosser would be out of a job and more »

A Wisconsin status check.

I’m going to do the impossible and give a status check on all of Wisconsin politics. It might help the out-of-stater who is perhaps just now turning his or her attention from Anthony Weiner’s umm… tweets…and back to really important stuff like what is happening in my state. Wisconsin is hot again. Maybe too hot. more »

Judge Sumi plays by the rules. Wisconsin Republicans don’t.

“Wisconsin Republicans were struck down in a blaze of judicial glory” – Sarah Jones, Politicususa. I wish Judge Maryann Sumi really was a fire-breathing liberal. However, I believe she just respects the Wisconsin constitution and the law. I learned what I need to know about Wisconsin’s open meetings’ law from watching Peter Barca fire-breathe it on more »

Grab bag of Wisconsin Solidarity, News, and Views

Wisconsin Act 10 Stalls Today 3/31 Judge Maryann  Sumi ordered that the law “has not been published within the meaning” of Wisconsin law and “is therefore not in effect.”’ And following Huebsch said, “given the most recent court action we will suspend the implementation of it at this time. DOA will continue to abide by more »

Judge Sumi begins to untangle the Fitzwalkerstan web

Notes and or tweets gleaned from today’s proceedings in Dane County Court. If you’d like a more conventional article, here is TPM. This tweet sums up a lot. One of my favorites: “Sinking in how Scott Fitzgerald & the Attorney General’s office consciously put Legislative Reference Bureau staff in potentially significant legal jeopardy. What assholes.” more »

Breaking News: Today Madison streets department and firefighters file lawsuit, Law published despite restraining order

*Wisconsin Act 10 A.K.A. “the budget repair bill” was printed. Not legally “published”* A tweet from WSJ reporter Mary Spicuzza: Wis collective bargaining law published despite temporary restraining order http://legis.wisconsin.gov/2011/data/acts/11Act10.pdf #wiunion State laws are normally published by the Secretary of State, who faces a restraining order blocking him from doing so. Info from weau.com: Wisconsin more »

Senator Grothman: Wisconsin’s Infamous Tea Party Troll

The always infuriating Republican State Senator Glen Grothman of Wisconsin’s 20th District talks with Dem. Representative Cory Mason on MSNBC’s The Last Word yesterday and calls protesters “slobs”. He also uttered this bold lie: “The people that are staying overnight are making a mess of the Capitol”.  And he lied saying that a very small percentage of more »

The Republican sneak vote mapped.

Here’s the vote from last Friday February 25 mapped out by Josh Wachuta at Aceity. I’m assuming the grey non-voting areas are matched with the Democrats who were too slow on the uptake. As you recall, this was a sneak voice vote that occured in seconds. It was orchestrated by Republicans to deliberately exclude Democrats.  It passed more »

Seriously? Walker tried to dine 1 block from the Capitol?

The  restaurant where Walker was supposedly booed is 1 block from Madison’s Capitol building: “ground zero” for protest against Walker’s radical “Budget Repair Bill”. I’m a little doubtful this really happened because – well – is he really so ignorant that he thinks he can relax in public anywhere on the Isthmus of Madison now? more »

Wisconsin Police Sleep in Solidarity with Protesters in the Capitol Tonight

THE WISCONSIN PROFESSIONAL POLICE ASSOCIATION FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: February 25, 2011 Contact: James L. Palmer, II, 608-273-3840 HEAD OF POLICE UNION ASKS GOVERNOR TO KEEP CAPITOL OPEN AND ANNOUNCES LAW ENFORCEMENT SLEEPOVER MADISON— Following action by lawmakers to approve a rule change that clears the way for closing down the State Capitol and ejecting the more »