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100,000 Welcome the Dem14 Home in Madison, Wisconsin

I’m going to say 100,000. I see reports of “over 85,000” but as I saw no helicopters flying overhead, meaning we had no professional estimates, the evaluation by someone who’s been to every single historic Saturday labor rally in Madison, Wisconsin is good as any. I spent the day at Madison, Wisconsin’s largest rally yesterday. more »

The Undaunted Democrats of Wisconsin

The note I added to this tweeted photo was “I could laugh. I could cry.”   In truth, I cried. Democrats move their desks out to the lawn of Wisconsin’s Capitol today in Madison as Governor Scott Walker continues to defy a court order and unlawfully restrict access to Wisconsin’s statehouse. I can’t confirm, but more »

The Republican sneak vote mapped.

Here’s the vote from last Friday February 25 mapped out by Josh Wachuta at Aceity. I’m assuming the grey non-voting areas are matched with the Democrats who were too slow on the uptake. As you recall, this was a sneak voice vote that occured in seconds. It was orchestrated by Republicans to deliberately exclude Democrats.  It passed more »