Photos: Thunda Around the Rotunda – a Solidarity Motorcycle Rally in Madison, Wisconsin


Here are photos from Saturday’s Thunda Around the Rotunda.

I’m a sucker for chrome and motors [do not tell my mother] so tough luck if you’re not because I have some video and more to unload here.

Beautiful cycles and the people who love them came to Madison from Wisconsin, Iowa, Michigan, Illinois, and Minnesota to ride in support of Wisconsin’s workers and worker rights.  I arrived rather late, but still enjoyed talking to motorheads from Milwaukee, Chicago, Madison, and Green Bay.

This grassroots event was organized by a Madison public school teacher, Eric J. Hartz, and a motorcycle fan friend. They used social media to get the word out.

On the square I ran into Nicole and Allison, two of my “Leftist Cocktail Party” friends. As we walked away from the square we struck up a conversation with a man fresh off a plane from Alaska. Unlike that person from Wasilla who visited a couple of weeks ago, he was quite reasonable and even had a pleasant voice – no nasal “you betcha”‘s.

Thomas contributes to Mudflats – what you might call a”Progressive” blog. It’s the most popular blog in Alaska. I’ll take that as an encouraging sign from the North.

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