UPDATED – Video / Rushing the Wisconsin state senate chambers


UPDATE-VIDEO from Arthur Kohl-Riggs


I ran into a group here – about 20 young men and women -who assembled in direct desponse to the recent series of abortion-restricting bills recently passed by the WI Assembly. They come from Madison and Milwaukee and I believe a few know each other but most met on Facebook. I followed as they went to the governor’s office to demand a meeting. They were rebuffed and next went to Senator Mary Lazich’s office to deliver “bloody” coat hangerS. They then went to Rep. Vos’ office which was vacant. Next, the state senate which they rushed.

As we were walking around I asked a couple young women if they knew the other people.
Response was “we thought it was wrong that nobody is coming here to protest this”.

A man in a wheelchair entered first to wedge the door open and others crawled/climbed past while a page (?)pushed back . I overheard a reporter walking by say 6 or so arrested. Many more people came around the senate entryway in response to the commotion. some clearly were staff, some from a group outside that was talking about vouchers, some assembling were tourists. A chant of “Our bodies, our chose arose” led by the group that rushed the doors but were now locked out.

I felt rage return around me. In me.

That was not a good time to witness Rep Frank Lasee amble through and run into Rep Barca and have a friendly “ha ha isn’t this something?” chAt.

I guess they don’t feel a visceral response to protest. Maybe no response
Now, maybe 20 min later, it’s quiet . A tour docent talks about the capitol dome and children raise cameras to the ceiling. Now another chant breaks out ( I had to seek a plug in – electricity so I’m in a little alcove)

The chubby docent in the green vest
pointed out the mural signifying “the state legislature”. Technically the mural is of “legislation” – depicted by a man in blue robes, flowing white beard,tablet on his knee, gold headband round his head, his gaze locked into the distance

WBAY’S coveragee

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  1. Judith
    June 21, 2013 at 6:53 pm

    I was sitting in the gallery as we heard the chanting approaching and then some women in the gallery also began chanting along. Every word was clearly understandable including the much repeated “vagina”. Pages and security personnel dashed everywhere leaving galleries mostly unwatched so a couple photographers were there, in what’s now supposedly illegal, to document. In spite of what media is saying, one protester DID make it to the chamber floor and promptly sat down in the aisle between 2 Senate rows of desks. Some Senators walked past him while pages tried to wrestle his quiet, peaceful, seated body up and out. They ended up dragging him out many moments later. It DID disrupt the proceedings even before the “storming” with a Senator asking if they could take a break until they could hear what one another were saying. For the full interview that was slipped for WKOW TV, go to: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sNutU99D8rU

  2. Aunt Bee
    June 20, 2013 at 8:09 pm

    Civic duty.
    I don’t want Barca for governor.

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