Wisconsin Supreme Court Race: Roggensack ad released


Update: Wisconsin Supreme Court candidates spoke at a forum today. Here’s a write-up by Bruce Vielmetti, M.J.S. Hopefully this will pop-up in video form somewhere.


The first ad of the Wisconsin Supreme Court election is released and it’s from the incumbent, the conservative Pat Roggensack.

It’s a mild one (watch it here)  but stay tuned. The supreme court election ads are guaranteed to get ugly.

It’s less certain that the vote numbers for this one will climb to the doubled turn-out that we saw in the Kloppenburg vs. Prosser race [results at bottom of post]. The Butler vs. Gableman race drew about 800,000 voters while the proxy recall race that was Kloppenburg vs. Prosser drew about 1,500,000 voters to the polls.

Challenging Roggensack are Vince Megna and Ed Fallone. You can see how they answered the League of Women Voters of Dane County questionnaire over HERE.

I know little about Fallone and Megna right now, but I’ll share what I have:

-Skilled blogger illusory tenant endorses Fallone. Not-skilled-with-statewide campaigns manager Melissa Mulliken is running Fallone’s campaign.
Fallone teaches at Marquette.
Fallone is really getting the endorsements including from Russ Feingold.

-I met Vince Megna and I can say he is an awesome person, he’s a successful consumer rights advocate (cars), and he made some funny, smart videos against Scott Walker.

Click to see election result details, Gableman vs. Butler

Click to see results in detail Prosser vs. Kloppenburg


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  1. CD
    February 13, 2013 at 8:45 pm

    It appears that you have left a digit off the turnout number for the Kloppenburg-Prosser
    race — 150,000 instead of 1,500,000. Thanks for this article.

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