Wisconsin Assembly Speaker Vos subpoenaed in hunt for redistricting secrets


This information is courtesy of Patrick Marley over at M.J.Sentinel. It seems the Wisconsin GOP may be hiding redistricting documents on 3 computers in violation of a court order from last year.

“The subpoenas seek to locate the computers. They were served on Vos; Senate Chief Clerk Jeffrey Renk; Assembly Chief Clerk Patrick Fuller; and the Legislative Technology Service Bureau.

Subpoenas were also planned for Senate Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald (R-Juneau) and an unnamed representative of Michael Best.”

“Two of those computers are now in Fitzgerald’s office, according to Jeff Ylvisaker, director of the Legislative Technology Services Bureau.

Ylvisaker said the other one is “controlled by” the Assembly chief clerk, although he and the chief clerk did not say where that computer is now located.”

Go to Assembly speaker subpoenaed in redistricting feud for more details and pencil this date in you calendar: February 1st.  It’s when depositions are scheduled.

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