While my guitar gently weeps


Michael Martin reminded me yesterday that George Harrison passed away 10 years ago. He advised that we all play “While my guitar gently weeps”.

There are many versions on YouTube, but given the recent tragic factory fire that killed over 100 seamstresses, I thought George himself would appreciate a remembrance of this 1971 performance from a concert for Bangladesh

This is the place in the blog post where logically I then cast stones at Walmart for their sins because the clothes those seamstresses were working on were for that discount mega-chain. Then I got to thinking that he who is without sin should cast the 1st stone. There are few of us who’ve not purchased a cheap product from the other side of the world to line our nest.

Harrison was quoted as saying, “Mainly the object has been to get something out of my system, as opposed to ‘being a songwriter.’ ”

That’s how most of this blogging stuff works for me. I bet George Harrison would have been a great blogger if he’d not found his talents in the guitar. I bet he’d say we need to work on getting the system out of _us_.

Curious about the concert:
“The Concert for Bangladesh (or Bangla Desh, as the country name was spelt originally) was the name for two benefit concerts organised by George Harrison and Ravi Shankar, held at 2.30 and 8 pm on Sunday, 1 August 1971, playing to a total of 40,000 people at Madison Square Garden in New York City.”