Walker dodges the public, promises the moon. I mean “The Mine”.


Scott Walker is back from the woods (he went hunting) and is now on the road in one of those black SUVs he loves so much, careening from business to business in a hastily arranged “Talk to Walker” tour.

Walker’s cheesy video [as seen below] was released Monday. A twitter pal was carping that there was no information about where and when he was appearing to rub shoulders with the great people of this fine state.

The TV station WAOW broke in to tweet: “Gov. Walker will be at ACE Marine in Green Bay at 3:30 today. We have not received word on other locations yet.”

Phew! Good thing some of can be quickly informed. Sadly we were still ignorant that the event was private. What a gaff for those who got word and showed up unannounced and uninvited!

I hope the folks at ACE understood the confusion.
Scott Walker called this a “conversation with you the people of Wisconsin” not “a conversation with you the corporations who are people too”.

There’s also a curious matter of timing.

You don’t suppose our Governor is hurrying to busy the press with something else as the Thursday sentencing of Timothy Russell approaches? You know – the one that includes the plea deal that may or may not yield a conviction on higher ups but given that prosecutor Bruce Landgraf gave 65 minutes worth of here-to-fore unreleased genuine grade A dirt on the intermingling of conniving county staff and campaign staff AND SCOTT WALKER back in 2010 the other day at Kelly Rindfleisch’s sentencing – well we’re at least to be guaranteed a nice Walkergate story out of the deal.

(I know. That wasn’t really a sentence back there. Sometimes these things have to be done.)

The “Talk with Walker” appearances are private events which include only select Walker-friendly organizations and their captive employees. My hat’s off to anybody gutsy enough to go against their indoctrination to needle the honored guest on education cuts, lost worker rights, unregulated sand mining, what he thinks about government control over Wisconsin uteri, and so on but – – a lot of people are fearful to mix their personal politics and work especially if the boss “stands with” Walker.

The only way the “Talk with Walker” tour could find audiences more captive is to pencil in a few prisons.

And here’s a report on the ACE visit from FOX 11:

Told Wisconsin Manufacturers and Commerce …. Mining

I got word of this from Mary Spicuzza. (Good of Governor Walker to allow the press to enter these events.)
“Gov. Scott Walker urged quick passage of an iron mining bill in early 2013 at a Wisconsin Manufacturers and Commerce event Wednesday at Monona Terrace.

He encouraged those in the crowd to contact Republican and Democratic lawmakers and voice support for mining legislation. And he later told reporters that he is confident Gogebic Taconite will return to Wisconsin.”

So that’s a mining bill in maybe January or February. That should distract quite a bite from the continuing John Doe probe which will be occurring simultaneously.

Yes, reader, despite Walker saying that he “hopes” that the Walkergate A.K.A. “John Doe” investigation on his Milwaukee County affairs would end shortly, such is not at all possible [some outlets reported that he said it “would” end]. He delivered those remarks to the Dairy Business Association (Another organization worthy of his time. So noted.).

AP dutifully spoke with Waukesha County Judge Neal Nettesheim on Wednesday who said that such talk was “pure conjecture” and
“The John Doe is not completed.. It is still open.” I think I could’ve told you that just by looking at the court schedule. But I do appreciate that the AP pursued the quotes. It is tough to pick out fact from fiction during these Orwellian days.

Taxes Too
NBC 15 reported at that WMC event as well: “Gov. Scott Walker says he’s still trying to determine whether an income tax cut or a property tax cut, or some combination of the two, is the best way to return money to taxpayers.” and “.. the only question he has is where is the best place to cut taxes to help the middle class.”

What laser-like focus he has, eh? He has only ONE question. Truly his power to ignore vast swaths of public inquiry and outcry is astounding.

If you have the steel stomach required for Scott Walker’s brand of low on facts and high on cheese boosterism, click on the video below: