“John Boehner Just Denied You Exist”


Well, listen, I think this has been the most misreported story of my two years’ tenure. We don’t have a tea party caucus to speak of in the House.”
– Speaker John Boehner, ABC news, November 8, 2012

You know why this is happening. Boehner realizes he has to say and do the “C” thing: compromise.
Back in 2010 he comically refused to say the word on 60 Minutes. He probably still refuses to say the C word but it’s appearing in headlines next to his name on CNN’s site: Boehner says GOP willing to compromise on fiscal cliff.
[An aside – – who are the spinmeisters who decided that everybody had to call this a “fiscal cliff”?]

Oh my. How will he tame the right wing monster in the House that he helped create!

The Tea Party Patriots took great umbrage imediately at Boehner’s rearks and are informing their netizens that “John Boehner Just Denied You Exist”.

The FOX infotainment channel is giving Boehner the stink eye but is still giving him an “out” with “What did he mean by what he said?”. I think you should try to give this a watch if you enjoyed the meltdown of the election evening. This female pundit [Laura Ingraham I think] starts out saying that a reporter had enough nerve (!) to call her and ask if Mitt Romney lost because of talk radio and the Tea Party!

Self-identified Tea Partier Senator Mike Lee of Utah joins the broadcast to publicly announce he’s not changing:
“We do need to double-down on our message”.

You do that, Senator Lee. Double-down and don’t go changin’. Reminds me of a certain song:


  3 comments for ““John Boehner Just Denied You Exist”

  1. J. C.
    November 11, 2012 at 4:19 pm

    Tea Party = not progressive……

  2. C. H. Shivers
    November 10, 2012 at 5:00 pm

    The Tea Party” must do a few things:

    First, all the factions of Tea Party ( I believe there are at least three major Tea Parties)must unite into one large organization instead of several Tea Parties running around doing their own honorable but small things will be locally effective, but not effective in the major way it needs to be. A united Tea\ Party can be bigger and more focused and have more power.

    Second, the Tea Party must do a tremendous amount of outreach to those very demographics being discussed to show how true conservatism is better for them as it is for all other demographic groups. History shows us so, is showing Europe now, and will show us again, through very painful lessons, if we don’t change.

    Third, the United Tea Party must openly endorse candidates, including for President when appropriate, and be very visible in the support thereof to gain more notoriety until large enough and strong enough to have their own candidate. Merger with existing like-minded parties must not be dismissed out of hand.

    Fourth, the United Tea Party must not listen to “sage advice” being provided by the major parties since we know their motivation for doing so, just as the GOP needs to not pay attention to the “sage advice” being given them now by the Democrats. We need to push on and be consistent in our principles

    Unity, messaging, visibility, consistency – must needs for our success.

    • Jayme
      November 12, 2012 at 6:02 am

      Except that the tea party is not doing anything honorable. Its philosophy is a broken mix of everything that has failed the US for 3 decades. I’d hope that they would realize, after the 60 yr study done, that taxes on the rich do not decrease economic growth, and it seems a correlation with higher taxes on rich and greater economic prosperity. If the tea party wishes to remain relevant… it has to step into reality. The lowest tax rates in 6 decades…. science is real…. obama has reduced the deficit for 2 years in a row.. and that as our economy grows, so will our debt:gdp ratio, chinas economy depends on us, so they will never own us, AND FINALLY that a currency ISSUER will never become greece.

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