“#WIUNION Never Sleeps!” The Tee Shirt and Bumper Sticker


Just in time for the recall elections next week, Ray Reynolds AKA @cr8f has designed two bumper sticker and two tee shirt designs for the #wiunion movement. Feel free to make use of these great designs and share with everyone you know. Simply print the designs on your home printer using iron-on transfers or bumper sticker paper. Credit for the blue Wisconsin image with the fist goes to the ART SURGE: Wisconsin Artist Collective.

This is yet another example of why the people in #wiunion rock! Physical distance loses all meaning as people from all over the state and country work together to bring back Democracy. If we can work together so quickly on an idea from one tweet, imagine what we as #wiunion can and will do for the upcoming recall elections. We are truly an unstoppable force. It’s stories like this that remind me of the strength and creativity of #wiunion.

It all started with @AnonyMissBadger asking “#wiunion, why do you keep me up so late?” and quickly moved to tee shirt design. Within a day, the first tee shirt logo was designed and shared on Twitter. By the end of that day, the first beta shirt was completed.

This is truly what Democracy looks and tweets like!

Here’s part of the original discussion:

Here are the bumper stickers:

Here are the tee shirt designs:

Here’s the beta tee shirt:


Appleton Wonk

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