About WEAC and Kathleen Falk


I am not endorsing any candidate for Governor of Wisconsin right now because I think it’s still too early. Would you listen to me anyway? I could enjoy delusions of grandeur but I’m not a heavy hitter like Wisconsin’s union for education staff, WEAC. I have about 4,100 followers on twitter. WEAC has over 98,000 more »

“Right to Work” for Less Now Law in Indiana


The protest video above was shot during the governor’s state of the state address on January 10, 2012. There’s nothing quite like watching protest video to get this wonk’s attention. It’s heart warming to see democracy in action. Since last year the people in Indiana have gained a special place in my heart. To refresh more »

Wisconsin and Our Year of Dissent

RotundaPacked4 (Medium)

This is a small portion of a lengthy and fantastic Truthout story called “The Year Dissent Came Back”. It’s a thoughtful piece that covers 2011’s Slutwalks, the Occupy Movement, the Tar Sands Keystone XL resistance, the impact of Troy Davis’ execution and of course, the Wisconsin uprising. It’s not worth your time just because Milwaukee more »

Scott Walker on “Big Government” and Occupy Wall Street

bootOUTwalker (Medium)

Who does Fox and Friends’ Gretchen Carlson turn to to help her understand the Occupy Wall Street and Occupy Movement? Specifically, the entry of unions in the mix? None other than Wisconsin Governor Scott “Recall” Walker.  No surprise he’s still on his message that every single story is about private enterprise vs. “Big Government”. GRETCHEN more »

Save America’s Postal Service


What can you buy with 44 cents? These days it doesn’t even buy a candy bar. If you’re lucky 44 cents will get you package of ramen noodles. With 44 cents you can buy a first class stamp that can be used to send a letter to any address in the United States. That’s pretty more »

The Fight Isn’t Over! Thoughts From Historic Election Night

http://www.youtube.com/user/AppletonWonk?feature=mhee Nancy Nusbaum spoke to a crowd of supporters at the Riverside Ballroom in Green Bay on August 9th, 2011 during the recall elections in Wisconsin and told them that history was being made that night and reminded them of the two Democratic state senators facing their own recall elections next week, August 16th, 2011. more »

Shaken? Angry? Proud?

I just read “The Mood in Wisconsin: Shaken, Angry, but Proud” by Jane Slaughter from Union Notes.  It’s a great post. Jim Cavanaugh of SCFL answers that union members are “more angry than depressed” Carl Aniel says some are ” incredibly frustrated and stunned. Other people are very motivated and want to do more than has more »

Grab bag of Wisconsin Solidarity, News, and Views

Wisconsin Act 10 Stalls Today 3/31 Judge Maryann  Sumi ordered that the law “has not been published within the meaning” of Wisconsin law and “is therefore not in effect.”’ And following Huebsch said, “given the most recent court action we will suspend the implementation of it at this time. DOA will continue to abide by more »

Grab bag of solidarity, cooperatives, and the CLAP.

Madison housing cooperatives face threat. Mayor Dave? This Tuesday night March 29 at 6:30pm Alder Marsha Rummel will introduce a measure to prevent city zoning from removing “co-op friendly” provisions in city code [the agenda]. April 5th we have a mayoral election. Madison is home to at least 11 cooperative housing sites some of which more »

Video: Defend Wisconsin

I made this roughly 3 minute video. William had a lot more to say, which will make its way onto this blog as additional audio recordings  —but for now, a video will do.  (It’s 11:45pm) Watch, and following, please visit defendwisconsin.org Direct link to video.

WEAC President Mary Bell on Senate Vote

Posted: 3/9/2011 7:37:36 PM Tonight, Senate and Assembly Republicans pushed forward an extreme power grab with an unconscionable maneuver that split collective bargaining off from the fiscal items in the budget repair bill – rigging an 18-to-1 vote in the Senate. The Assembly will vote tomorrow. The following can be attributed to WEAC President Mary more »