Tom Barrett

Own Your Vote Rally Appleton, WI


About 40 people came to the early voting rally in Appleton, WI that started at City Park. Rep. Penny Bernard-Schaber was on hand and gave a rousing speech. She reminded us of how important it was for us to get Wisconsin moving in the right direction again and put it on a much better path. more »

You’ve Protested at the Capital, Signed the Recall Papers, Now Get Out There and Vote


Recall Walker day, June 5th is rapidly approaching. On this day people in Wisconsin can collectively stand up and put a stop to Walker’s anti-worker, anti-woman, anti-union, anti-environment agenda. We can show the state and country that people in Wisconsin still believe in the “Wisconsin way” of fair play, open government and progressive values. People more »

About WEAC and Kathleen Falk


I am not endorsing any candidate for Governor of Wisconsin right now because I think it’s still too early. Would you listen to me anyway? I could enjoy delusions of grandeur but I’m not a heavy hitter like Wisconsin’s union for education staff, WEAC. I have about 4,100 followers on twitter. WEAC has over 98,000 more »

Various-Mostly on Scott Walker and Abortion

Update on Cheddarcast #2: I think I was just too rambling on that. It’s quite a challenge to put in minimal effort and still churn out decent video. It might be great fun to just make propagandist ads. For example, what if that ominous ad voice said “Tom Barrett defends women. Conservatives stomp women.” “Tom more »