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Profit Über Alles: House’s Antiregulatory Folly Is Their Idea of a Jobs Bill


On Wednesday, in a 241-to-184 vote, the House of Representatives passed H.R. 10, the “Regulations from the Executive in Need of Scrutiny” (REINS) Act, which would require congressional approval from both houses for any major new regulations. Four Democrats slithered across the aisle and voted with the Republicans: John Barrow (GA), Dan Boren (OK), Mike more »

100’s throng Wauwatosa town hall meeting. Sensenbrenner & Vukmir deliver massive FAIL in response.

In this video,  you see the standing-room only crowd and hear Vukmir lie about the fundamentals of collective bargaining to the shock of those assembled. She woodenly describes how much money an Oshkosh school district could save with the Governor’s proposed changes, and finally, you see Sensenbrenner adjourn the meeting to shouts of “Shame!” Reporting more »

Where there is Andrew Breitbart, there are lies.

Some people leave a wake of garbage in their path. Reminds me of Pigpen from Charlie Brown . Andrew Breitbart spoke at Madison, Wisconsin yesterday to approximately 3,500 Tea Party and Pro-Walker people. They were there to do their darndest to match the numbers of Progressives, workers, and students that have rallied since last week more »