Russ Feingold

Russ Feingold: The President is Wrong


President Obama has signed onto a deal to send some of his key staff members to speak and fund raise for a Superpac called “Priorities USA Action”. Russ Feingold says President Obama’s making the wrong decision. That is actually sort of a big deal. Wisconsin progressives, independents, and Dems have been stoking an unrequited love more »

My Plea to Russ Feingold by Tom T. C.


This is a brief note from an online friend. I think thousands of Wisconsinites would cosign his message. I can’t believe that you would read this Mr. Feingold, but I am writing anyway. I have been gathering recall signatures (as many of us are) and the number one question is always “who will run against more »

Russ Feingold and Firefighters visited Walkerville

A few videos from yesterday at Walkerville. The second video, which is the full speech delivered by Russ Feingold, is from Defend Wisconsin. When Russ walked into the space people became alert and electrified. A woman standing in front of me would interject “YES!!” and “THANK YOU!!” regularly. In this first video Russ says “we more »

Senator Russ Feingold wins debate number two against Tea Party contender, Ron Johnson

Senator Russ Feingold of Wisconsin won his second debate against a Tea Party-backed manufacturer from Osh Kosh, Ron Johnson. Senator Feingold came on strong but had a conversational tone, and smoothly navigated the freeform debate sections while Johnson tripped over his words.Feingold supporters applauded when Feingold cornered Johnson on the issue of shadow money and more »

It’s not an enthusiasm gap. It’s a WTF gap. : The Tea Party drives the Russ Feingold/Ron Johnson debate

I had a weekend in the wilderness of Wisconsin without internet right after Friday’s Feingold Johnson debate. What I experienced was first, withdrawal, and second, clear thinking. You know, I have decided something. We do not have an enthusiasm gap here. We have a “What the fuck” gap here. [Which I will forthwith call “WTF” more »

A Feingold fan sorts out the Senator’s strategy

Update 09/30: MoveOn.Org alert-Feingold’s race needs your boost. Consider a donation here today. Thanks. I was at Netroots Wisconsin on Saturday 9/25. Our hosts were UppityWisconsin blog owners Steve and Lori Hanson who drove down to Madison from Northwestern Wisconsin. While I have much to say about Netroots, I’ll cut to my report on Russ more »