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“Family Values” Republican Michelle Litjens to Divorce


UPDATE: Michelle Litjens will be in office until next January. Tea Party darling and Michelle Bachmann “wannabe”, Michelle Litjens has been busy reinventing herself this year. First, the freshman Republican announced in February that she would not seek re-election to the state assembly. At the time TMJ reported that she wanted to spend more time more »

Wisconsin News: Republicans Lazich, Galloway,and Grothman want to make it harder to get an abortion in WI

“A bill pro-life advocates say is designed to protect women but opponents say throws up more roadblocks to obtaining an abortion will be up for a vote in the Senate Tuesday. The so-called coercion and webcam abortion prevention bill, SB 306, is the latest attack on women’s health care by the current Republican administration, asserts more »

Walker Supporter Behaving Badly


The following post is based on reports from social media and from the video above. Zach W. at Blogging Blue has also covered this incident. His post is worth the read. I find myself with more questions than answers regarding what’s being shown on this video. Why would anyone say something to the effect of more »

The whole Glenn Grothman thing

A shot of Glenn Grothman scolding gay marriage supporters, calling them the "hard, anti-Christian left" who were "afraid of the truth." frm

I almost missed this nice interview of Al Schumacher, superintendent of Madison’s streets department. Check out this part: CT: How about the whole Glenn Grothman thing? AS: Oh, Glenn Grothman doesn’t bother me. Glenn Grothman is Glenn Grothman. He’s out there. We’d like to plow Glenn Grothman’s car in on the Square. (Laughs.) No, we more »

The REAL story behind the Madison Prep Academy Proposal? Helping “At Risk” Kids is a Cover for Union-Busting


Madison’s proposed Preparatory Academy is making some new changes to their plans for the all-girls and all-boys charter schools Now it comes out that the prep school backers want to use non-union teachers & staff. In journalism school, this is called “burying the lede.” The real story here is union busting as an excuse for more »

Republican deception hits Wisconsin poll workers now


Republicans are reviving a state law which is already on the books but hasn’t been used in recent memory. It’s going to make being a clerk in Wisconsin more difficult at a time when clerks are already bracing themselves for implementation of the new voter ID law. The law states that for *first consideration* for more »

Blame Waukesha. And while you’re at it, blame Don Taylor.

waukesha county

If I were to mention the word “Waukesha” while yakking with political friends, it wouldn’t take too long for somebody to mention “Kathy Nickolaus” – the Waukesha county clerk who rather infamously discovered about 7,500 votes following the Wisconsin Supreme Court election. But after reading Scott Wittkopf’s article “Blame Waukesha” in the Madison weekly The more »

What is Wisconsin doing to felons?


Wisconsin’s Senate Bill 207 allows a business to bar or fire an individual who has been convicted of a felony and to render local laws in Wisconsin useless if they give felons a better chance at employment. So what is Wisconsin doing to felons? I have three answers. Let see what you have to say more »

Litjens Wants to Make it Less Expensive for Employers to Discriminate


Michelle Litjens is at it again with another one of her business friendly bills. This time she’s introduced a bill that will eliminate compensatory and punitive damages against companies that discriminate against their employees because of genetic testing, lie detector tests, age, race, gender, religion, marital status, conviction records or national origin. This law and more »

Protesting Scott Walker and The Croquet Ballers

P1140058 (Medium)

Protests usually make me feel gleeful. This protest made me feel alternately happy and nauseous. It was because I had to actually watch Walker’s buddies play croquet on the lawn of what is known as “The Governor’s Mansion” but which is the property of the State of Wisconsin. Despite this sign stuck in a car more »

Kathy Nickolaus and Why County Clerks Matter

Waukesha County Clerk Kathy Nickolaus is a household name among many political wonks in the country. Many people know her name and can recite the events around this year’s Supreme Court election and can talk at length about the county audit on her work last fall. In some circles, her name is synonymous with professional more »

The Fight Isn’t Over! Thoughts From Historic Election Night Nancy Nusbaum spoke to a crowd of supporters at the Riverside Ballroom in Green Bay on August 9th, 2011 during the recall elections in Wisconsin and told them that history was being made that night and reminded them of the two Democratic state senators facing their own recall elections next week, August 16th, 2011. more »