You’ve Protested at the Capital, Signed the Recall Papers, Now Get Out There and Vote


Recall Walker day, June 5th is rapidly approaching. On this day people in Wisconsin can collectively stand up and put a stop to Walker’s anti-worker, anti-woman, anti-union, anti-environment agenda. We can show the state and country that people in Wisconsin still believe in the “Wisconsin way” of fair play, open government and progressive values. People more »

Hizzoner Da Mayor versus Occupy Madison

Madison Mayor Paul Soglin threw a hissy fit yesterday about Occupy Madison, which he is determined to evict and close down—end of story—at the end of the month. And boy howdy was Soglin ever on the defensive. When it was suggested that the site didn’t cost the city anything, he said, “That is one of more »

Bad News for BadgerCare Plus

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Frankly, I don’t have good news regarding the state of BadgerCare Plus. In another move that shows that Republicans don’t listen to their constituents and put corporations interests over people, the Joint Finance Committee approved changes to BadgerCare yesterday that will cut an estimated 22,800 people from the program. Even though this plan is less more »

Liveblogging: Wisconsin Rise Up

rise up

This will be a live blog spot *on the issues of mining and wetlands in Wisconsin, *on protests, a People’s State of the State and a People’s Tribunal at Wisconsin’s Capitol building, *on Walker’s State of the State Address all day Wednesday Jan. 25 through Thurs. January 26. Please see the schedule top left of more »

One World, One Pain: In Solidarity with the Egyptian Revolution

Image from puroticorico of flickr. Creative Commons Use.

Update: Photos and a video from the event are here. Occupy Madison has organized a demonstration to show Solidarity with the Egyptian Revolution and especially with the women of the revolution, who have been systematically targeted: Corner of Johnson and State Streets in Madison Friday 12/30, 4:30PM-7:30PM From Occupy Madison:One World, One Pain Occupy Madison more »

The whole Glenn Grothman thing

A shot of Glenn Grothman scolding gay marriage supporters, calling them the "hard, anti-Christian left" who were "afraid of the truth." frm

I almost missed this nice interview of Al Schumacher, superintendent of Madison’s streets department. Check out this part: CT: How about the whole Glenn Grothman thing? AS: Oh, Glenn Grothman doesn’t bother me. Glenn Grothman is Glenn Grothman. He’s out there. We’d like to plow Glenn Grothman’s car in on the Square. (Laughs.) No, we more »

Celebrate Wisconsin values and join in the recall with public safety workers: Saturday Dec. 3rd in Madison

Image from eaghra I was one of the thousands effusively thanking firefighters and police officers for standing in solidarity with all workers in Madison’s protests. They were there despite the fact that Walker’s attack didn’t focus on them. Now you and I have a chance to thank public safety employees again for keeping the faith more »

Black Friday Means Recall Friday in Madison, Wisconsin

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Today while some Americans celebrated the 20th annual “Buy Nothing Day”, avid recall volunteers took advantage of the Black Friday shopping traffic. I checked out a few of these spots in Madison and a couple regular haunts but there was no drama to report –unless you count the occasional middle finger salute from a passing more »

Madison Police: Providing a Safe Place for Democracy

butterflies everywhere

Recently we’ve seen a lot of iconic images of police brutality against peaceful protesters from all over the country. From New York City to Tampa to Denver to Oakland and Davis, California, police are apparently under the illusion that violence is an appropriate response when the people exercise their constitutional right to free speech and more »

The REAL story behind the Madison Prep Academy Proposal? Helping “At Risk” Kids is a Cover for Union-Busting


Madison’s proposed Preparatory Academy is making some new changes to their plans for the all-girls and all-boys charter schools Now it comes out that the prep school backers want to use non-union teachers & staff. In journalism school, this is called “burying the lede.” The real story here is union busting as an excuse for more »

Ready, Set, Recall! by Carrie


A guest post by Carrie: Tomorrow is opening day of the Signature Hunting Season in Wisconsin! Thousands of people are poised with clipboards and petitions to fan out across the state in order to gather about a million signatures to recall Governor Scott Walker and Lt. Governor Rebecca Kleefisch. Although it may sound insane to more »

A day without rights in the Wisconsin State Assembly

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Video and text below are from Arthur Kohl-Riggs. Keep up with developments on this story at Arthur’s facebook page Shit Scott Walker is Doing to My State Backup link to video-A day without rights in the Wisconsin State Assembly Originally a video very similar to this one was posted on youtube but WisEye reported reported more »

Live blogging Occupy Madison

amber and her invention

Update 10/11/11 Please keep visiting these resources for information on upcoming Occupy Madison meetings, occupation sites, and protest actions. At the moment, the facebook page is updated most frequently and allows for your comments: Occupy Madison’s community page on facebook The official twitter account @OccupyMadison99 The livestream on-site video broadcast. You might see live more »

Scott Walker on “Big Government” and Occupy Wall Street

bootOUTwalker (Medium)

Who does Fox and Friends’ Gretchen Carlson turn to to help her understand the Occupy Wall Street and Occupy Movement? Specifically, the entry of unions in the mix? None other than Wisconsin Governor Scott “Recall” Walker.  No surprise he’s still on his message that every single story is about private enterprise vs. “Big Government”. GRETCHEN more »

Protesting Scott Walker and The Croquet Ballers

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Protests usually make me feel gleeful. This protest made me feel alternately happy and nauseous. It was because I had to actually watch Walker’s buddies play croquet on the lawn of what is known as “The Governor’s Mansion” but which is the property of the State of Wisconsin. Despite this sign stuck in a car more »