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Appleton Taxpayers United and “Much Ado About” Doughnuts

Last year Appleton Taxpayers United railed against same sex partner benefits for city workers in Appleton This year the group has filed an ethics complaint with the city of Appleton against Common Council President Cathy Spears because she delivered doughnuts to poll workers. Really. From an article at the Post Crescent. “Appleton Taxpayers United, and more »

Grab Bag ‘o’ Wisconsin: Impending election news, Vote for wild things, Walker curries favor with union-haters nationally

Election News Incoming Today 4/11 at 2pm CST (according to some tweets, 1pm…but this blurb from WQOW says 2), G.A.B. and the Milwaukee County D.A. will deliver a press conference. Nobody knows what topic they will discuss. However a tweet from @illusory_tenant says, “Walker disciples advised to pack change of underwear for MKE DA /GAB more »

Grab bag On Wisconsin: The border war, Scooter’s expensive bluster, Not the white man’s, A tall glass of chromium

On that border war… Huffington Post cuts through the escape rhetoric and does the tax numbers. And also tosses in a choice quote:”Wisconsin is not the mecca where everybody is going to be running off to. The last time I looked, their climate is a lot s**ttier than ours.” – Chicago Huffington Post Bluster Blunders more »

Grab bag of blogging: Budget Czar Paul Ryan | A snowy tale of two cities | Super-sized Govmobile | MJ Sentinel suitable cage liner | Union fight or flight or …”forging”?

Paul Ryan will be able to set spending limits in the House without a vote, flying “in the face of the GOP’s promise to end backroom deals and increase transparency”. Snowpocolypse Happens Mayor Bloomberg of New York City learns what Mayor Dave of Madison learned last Winter: clear snow or risk removal of your head. As more »

Grab bag of blogging, Nov 17

Nancy Pelosi now House Minority Leader: If this were a reality show, Nancy Pelosi would not get kicked off the island. She is House minority leader as of today. I’m glad. Daily Kos on Nancy Pelosi “For the past two years, there was absolutely no leader in the Democratic Party who was more committed to, more »