Glenn Grothman

“Senator Grothman is no stranger to nutbaggery”

Senator Grothman: Wisconsin's Infamous Tea Party Troll

By now you’re probably aware of Glenn Grothman’s insulting proposal to formally consider  single parenthood a contributing factor to child abuse [ SB507 ]. If you haven’t heard of it, and you’re hyperventilating, then perhaps you can bring your blood pressure down a notch by immediately enjoying Jezebel’s little description of our new breed of more »

Wisconsin News: Republicans Lazich, Galloway,and Grothman want to make it harder to get an abortion in WI

“A bill pro-life advocates say is designed to protect women but opponents say throws up more roadblocks to obtaining an abortion will be up for a vote in the Senate Tuesday. The so-called coercion and webcam abortion prevention bill, SB 306, is the latest attack on women’s health care by the current Republican administration, asserts more »

The whole Glenn Grothman thing

A shot of Glenn Grothman scolding gay marriage supporters, calling them the "hard, anti-Christian left" who were "afraid of the truth." frm

I almost missed this nice interview of Al Schumacher, superintendent of Madison’s streets department. Check out this part: CT: How about the whole Glenn Grothman thing? AS: Oh, Glenn Grothman doesn’t bother me. Glenn Grothman is Glenn Grothman. He’s out there. We’d like to plow Glenn Grothman’s car in on the Square. (Laughs.) No, we more »

Video & Photo: Fab 14 Democrat Senators of Wisconsin Moments Before Leaving for Illinois

This moving photo came from Senator Chris Larson. He is one of of the “Fab 14”: the Wisconsin Democratic Senators that left for Illinois rather than allow passage of Walker’s extreme power-grabbing bill. His tweet is below: United in Solidarity: this is the picture we took just before heading to Illinois. #wiunion Senator Chris Larson’s article more »

Senator Grothman: Wisconsin’s Infamous Tea Party Troll

The always infuriating Republican State Senator Glen Grothman of Wisconsin’s 20th District talks with Dem. Representative Cory Mason on MSNBC’s The Last Word yesterday and calls protesters “slobs”. He also uttered this bold lie: “The people that are staying overnight are making a mess of the Capitol”.  And he lied saying that a very small percentage of more »

Grab bag of blogging: Budget Czar Paul Ryan | A snowy tale of two cities | Super-sized Govmobile | MJ Sentinel suitable cage liner | Union fight or flight or …”forging”?

Paul Ryan will be able to set spending limits in the House without a vote, flying “in the face of the GOP’s promise to end backroom deals and increase transparency”. Snowpocolypse Happens Mayor Bloomberg of New York City learns what Mayor Dave of Madison learned last Winter: clear snow or risk removal of your head. As more »