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It’s Not Over

So, we lost last night and Walker gets to stay on as governor. Yes, it sucks in a big way, but honestly people it isn’t over yet. We won’t lose unless we all figuratively decide to “take our ball and go home”. I, for one, won’t be doing that. On the bright side, we did more »

You’ve Protested at the Capital, Signed the Recall Papers, Now Get Out There and Vote


Recall Walker day, June 5th is rapidly approaching. On this day people in Wisconsin can collectively stand up and put a stop to Walker’s anti-worker, anti-woman, anti-union, anti-environment agenda. We can show the state and country that people in Wisconsin still believe in the “Wisconsin way” of fair play, open government and progressive values. People more »

Walker Protested at VFW in Appleton


Yesterday the soon to be former governor visited the V.F.W. in Appleton to sign a bill that helps military veterans. Of course, he was met with a good sized “welcoming committee”. It’s heartwarming for this wonk to know that they could get a pretty good sized crowd together on such short notice. Some people in more »

Domestic terrorist Francis Grady gasoline bombed a Wisconsin Planned Parenthood because “they’re killing babies there”


Update 04/05/12 “Do you even care at all about the 1,000 babies that died screaming?” This is a statement Francis Grady made aloud to his court-appointed attorney yesterday in federal court in Green Bay. Francis Grady wanted to plead guilty immediately to arson of a building used in interstate commerce and intentionally damaging a property more »

Should Journalists Sign Recall Petitions?


I’ll be adding updates at the top of the post as this story progresses. – blue cheddar Saturday’s #newsq: Ask Gannett, is signing a recall petition really more of a political statement than not signing it? fdlreporter.com/article/201203… — NiemanWatchdog (@NiemanWatchdog) March 24, 2012 Today Genia Lovett from the Appleton Post-Crescent broke the news that “25 more »

Final Word on Appleton’s “Donutgate”


In what could be billed as the next “rule of thumb” similar to “Don’t take wooden nickels” or “Beware of Greeks bearing gifts”, poll workers in Appleton, WI now have “Don’t accept doughnuts from candidates” as reported today by the Appleton Post Crescent. Fox 11 news also covered this story stating “the great donut debate more »

Driving the Snakes out of Wisconsin


The video will start where the parade footage kicks in. Almost everyone is familiar with how the original St. Patrick drove all the snakes out of Ireland, but how many people know that St. Patrick made a special visit to Fond du Lac last Saturday during their annual St. Patrick’s Day Parade? He came to more »

Wisconsin News: U.S. Chamber of Commerce and WMC create “unprecedented” partnership against Tammy Baldwin

money roll of 20s

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce and its Wisconsin chapter – Wisconsin Manufacturers and Commerce – have entered into an “unprecedented” partnership, according to both bodies, over the race to fill the U.S. Senate seat being vacated by Democrat Herb Kohl. The alliance has provoked a backlash from Rep. Tammy Baldwin (D., Wis.), who is running more »

Wisconsin News: Wisconsin’s Largest Cities Join Others Nationwide Urging Feds to Use Clean Air Act to Slow Global Warming

dirty air smog

The operating assumption here is that the EPA and President Obama have the power to keep our air cleaner but they are choosing not to use it. This is from a press release from The Center for Biological Diversity MILWAUKEE, Wis.— Wisconsin’s two largest cities, Milwaukee and Madison, have joined cities in Arizona, California, Massachusetts, more »

Wisconsin News: Wisconsin leads Midwest in layoffs, unemployment

Any way you spin it, a down economy doesn’t help Scott Walker’s political image. In this article Steve Naass’ spokesman Mikalsen says that you can blame recalls for this. Which Rep. Kelda Helen Roys calls ridiculous. “Clearly, Walker’s failed economic policies are holding Wisconsin back,” Roys said. “It’s the pattern of abusive power, a culture more »

Wisconsin News: GOP prefers litigation to legislation, won’t redraw redistricting maps. Troupis to face deposition.

Important note: According to wispolitics, Wisconsin GOP’s key longtime legal lackey James Troupis will be forced to answer questions about his involvement in creating redistricting maps in a deposition either today or March 12 or March 19 per an order from Judge Stadtmueller. From Post Crescent: “Attorneys for Republican lawmakers in Wisconsin on Tuesday said more »

Wisconsin News: AFSCME Endorses Kathleen Falk for Governor

After an extensive interview process involving all declared and potential candidates, Wisconsin’s largest union representing front-line state, county and municipal employees has endorsed Kathleen Falk for governor in this year’s recall election. AFSCME Wisconsin’s decision was clear, with Kathleen Falk emerging as the strongest leader to reverse Gov. Scott Walker’s reign of deceit and job-killing more »

Wisconsin News: Progressive Tammy Baldwin and Teapublican Reid Ribble join forces against unfair trade

WASHINGTON — Reps. Reid Ribble and Tammy Baldwin teamed up Friday to shield Wisconsin manufacturers from unfair trade practices by countries such as China and Vietnam. Baldwin, D-Madison, and Ribble, R-Sherwood, introduced legislation that would reverse a Dec. 19 federal appeals court ruling that the U.S. Commerce Department had no legal authority to impose countervailing more »

[Updated 02/16] Protests planned,WI Assembly mine bill is back, Platteville hearing cancelled, Madison JFC hearing 10AM Fri. 2/17

Update: Platteville hearing is cancelled but there is instead a a public hearing on the Assembly mining bill, AB 426, on Friday Feb. 17 at 10 AM in the Capitol room 412 East, Madison Wisconsin. Updated information is in Assembly mining bill will be tough sell in Senate : “State Senate Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald more »

Wisconsin News: Mark Pocan calls for scrutiny of right wing lobby “dating service”, authors “ALEC Accountability Act”


Wisconsin state legislator Mark Pocan is filing a bill that would require greater transparency regarding the activities of the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) in his state. Rep. Mark Pocan Rep. Mark Pocan (D-Madison) has been circulating the “ALEC Accountability Act,” a bill that would require ALEC to register with the state as a lobbyist more »