Recall Walker

Dear Wisconsin Recall Fighters

WI Recall Vote as if

Dear Wisconsin Recall Fighters, I swear to God you are the coolest, most awesome people on earth, and I count myself incredibly privileged and honored to be among you. Despite formidable and even vicious opposition, you have more than risen to the challenge. You have consistently refused take Walker’s “no” for an answer. You marched more »

Own Your Vote Rally Appleton, WI


About 40 people came to the early voting rally in Appleton, WI that started at City Park. Rep. Penny Bernard-Schaber was on hand and gave a rousing speech. She reminded us of how important it was for us to get Wisconsin moving in the right direction again and put it on a much better path. more »

You’ve Protested at the Capital, Signed the Recall Papers, Now Get Out There and Vote


Recall Walker day, June 5th is rapidly approaching. On this day people in Wisconsin can collectively stand up and put a stop to Walker’s anti-worker, anti-woman, anti-union, anti-environment agenda. We can show the state and country that people in Wisconsin still believe in the “Wisconsin way” of fair play, open government and progressive values. People more »

Polls Shmolls: We Can Win This!


Yesterday for most of the day I felt pretty much like I’d been kicked in the gut, owing to a combination of not enough sleep, the DNC’s milquetoast support for the recall, the DNR’s noxious inaction in the Sewergate horror, Walker talking about his jobs record using Kathy Nicholaus’s new new math, and the effing more »

Occupy the GOP: Art for Gov May 8

Endorsements for candidates in posts here do not represent the opinions of all regular contributers, blue cheddar, or the blog’s many guest writers. As I wrote earlier, of the four Democratic candidates vying to face Walker in the June 5 Wisconsin Recall election, my pick is Kathleen Vinehout, who has said this on more than more »

$$ Voting Made Easy: Empowering the 99%

Voting with your dollars

I’m about to buy a lawn mower, but I don’t want my money used to attack Wisconsin workers and families. There are several lists of companies to avoid when making purchasing decisions, such as companies led by people who gave big donations directly to the Walker campaign. Buying local is usually a wise decision, but more »

Wisconsin Recall: Vinehout’s the Real Deal

Endorsements for candidates in posts here do not represent the opinions of all regular contributers, blue cheddar, or the blog’s many guest writers. I spent most of Wednesday afternoon reading up on Kathleen Vinehout, in part because she’s the Democratic gubernatorial challenger I find most compelling, in part because a blogger I very much respect more »

Walker Protested at VFW in Appleton


Yesterday the soon to be former governor visited the V.F.W. in Appleton to sign a bill that helps military veterans. Of course, he was met with a good sized “welcoming committee”. It’s heartwarming for this wonk to know that they could get a pretty good sized crowd together on such short notice. Some people in more »

Show Me What Solidarity Looks Like

Political life in the United States has become so noxious and hostile that extreme partisan polarization, name-calling, smears, and schoolyard taunts have become commonplace. Thanks in large part to our collective addiction to the miraculous medium of television, our attention spans rarely amount to more than a minute and a half. We expect every issue more »

It’s on. Wisconsin GAB recommends recall elections against Scott Walker, Rebecca Kleefisch

rw 11 recall petitions recall walker

The Wisconsin Government Accountability Board (GAB) has recommended that a recall election against Scott Walker and his Lieutenant Governor Rebecca Kleefisch should proceed. You knew it was coming. But still – every movement forward on this momentous recall against our dairyland dictator is a glorious thing to witness. Care for one more moment of pleasure? more »

Should Journalists Sign Recall Petitions?


I’ll be adding updates at the top of the post as this story progresses. – blue cheddar Saturday’s #newsq: Ask Gannett, is signing a recall petition really more of a political statement than not signing it?… — NiemanWatchdog (@NiemanWatchdog) March 24, 2012 Today Genia Lovett from the Appleton Post-Crescent broke the news that “25 more »

Driving the Snakes out of Wisconsin


The video will start where the parade footage kicks in. Almost everyone is familiar with how the original St. Patrick drove all the snakes out of Ireland, but how many people know that St. Patrick made a special visit to Fond du Lac last Saturday during their annual St. Patrick’s Day Parade? He came to more »

From Alex Hanna and Mike Amato: Why We Support Kathleen Falk for Governor, and Why Wisconsin’s Left Should Too

kathleen falk

This is a cross-post from Defend Wisconsin and does not represent an endorsement by blue cheddar or the other writers for the blue cheddar blog. I have invited supporters of other gubernatorial candidates to submit similar posts to the blog. Alex Hanna is Co-President of the Teaching Assistants’ Association (TAA), AFT #3220 and Mike Amato more »

Reclaim Wisconsin Tour Stops in Kaukauna, WI

raised fists by JoePhilipson of flickr

Last night the Reclaim Wisconsin Tour came to Kaukauna, Wisconsin. These events are sponsored by the Wisconsin AFL-CIO among other groups. From the Wisconsin AFL-CIO: “The “Reclaim Wisconsin Tour” will discuss the impact of Gov. Walker’s policies on working people including the loss of family-sustaining jobs, the loss of employment protections and benefits, the continual more »