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$$ Voting Made Easy: Empowering the 99%

Voting with your dollars

I’m about to buy a lawn mower, but I don’t want my money used to attack Wisconsin workers and families. There are several lists of companies to avoid when making purchasing decisions, such as companies led by people who gave big donations directly to the Walker campaign. Buying local is usually a wise decision, but more »

Hizzoner Da Mayor versus Occupy Madison

Madison Mayor Paul Soglin threw a hissy fit yesterday about Occupy Madison, which he is determined to evict and close down—end of story—at the end of the month. And boy howdy was Soglin ever on the defensive. When it was suggested that the site didn’t cost the city anything, he said, “That is one of more »

Watch the Rose Parade Occupation Online Monday Jan 2nd

OTRP_WeThePeople occupy the rose parade we the people constitution

To join in on the Madison watch party, check out the facebook invite. To see livestreams of Pasadena parade action scroll down. Here’s where you can listen to the Madison watch party comment on the floats and the occupation of the parade: Assembling of Occupy the Parade activists: 9AM Central Formal Rose Parade start: 10AM more »

One World, One Pain: In Solidarity with the Egyptian Revolution

Image from puroticorico of flickr. Creative Commons Use.

Update: Photos and a video from the event are here. Occupy Madison has organized a demonstration to show Solidarity with the Egyptian Revolution and especially with the women of the revolution, who have been systematically targeted: Corner of Johnson and State Streets in Madison Friday 12/30, 4:30PM-7:30PM From Occupy Madison:One World, One Pain Occupy Madison more »

Protesters Hung a “Clothesline” of Banners Across Madison Yesterday

John_Nolen (1)

Madison joined in on a wave of Occupy movement protest actions that occurred across the nation yesterday. Members of the Autonomous Solidarity Organization (ASO) and other activists commenced “Operation Clothesline”. They hung banners at 5 locations during rush hour. Their banners read “Jobs Not Cuts,” “Stop the Race to the Bottom,” “Fund Our Schools” and more »

Scott Walker got MIC CHECKED!


I may have publicly squealed like a schoolgirl while watching and rewatching Scott “ToolJob” Walker get silenced by Chicago protesters at a clubby breakfast.They use the “human microphone” technique to repeat statements and amplify their voices. So don’t give it a second thought. Just roll that video and do a little human microphone of your more »

Scott Olsen gives a thumbs-up to vigils and marches + video of Madison’s Solidarity March

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An update from The Guardian, Noon 10/31: “Olsen’s roommate, Keith Shannon, said the 24-year-old gave a “thumbs-up” after being told of the support he has received – which has included vigils across the US and marches against police brutality..Shannon told the Guardian that Olsen is still communicating via written notes – although these tend to more »

Paul Ryan suddenly discovers “caring”

Paul Ryan

Apparently the budget-cuts-will-take-care-of-everything reality distortion force field that has been humming around Paul Ryan has been pierced by reality or at least an acknowledgement that he’s fast becoming one of America’s most hated politicians. This is an actual RNC mailing courtesy of Washington Monthly with text that says, “America is at a tipping point. 14 more »

Insomnia in Wisconsin, Call for general strike in Oakland

These banks get paid to steal your house

What follows is a set of disjointed snippets of what I absorbed through my laptop at home in Wisconsin very early Thursday morning when I really should’ve been sleeping. The notables: the BART train got shut down due to protesting, General Strike is trending nationally, #scottolsen is trending globally, November 2nd seems to be “the more »

Occupy Madison Discusses Threat of Citations and Possible Removal By City

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Video: Selections from Occupy Madison Discussion: To seek a City of Madison permit or not 10-17-11 General Assembly Backup link to video ———————————————————————————— About 100 people came to the Occupy Madison site today to assemble at noon to show solidarity and support for the Occupy’s continued stay. Social media quickly spread the message this morning more »

Occupy Comes to Appleton, Wisconsin


Appleton, Wisconsin was occupied by between 200 and 300 people yesterday. It’s part of a world wide movement that started with people occupying a park near Wall Street. I’m thankful for the positive media coverage, grateful that I could play a role in the protest and positively proud of the people from my home town. more »

Live blogging Occupy Madison

amber and her invention

Update 10/11/11 Please keep visiting these resources for information on upcoming Occupy Madison meetings, occupation sites, and protest actions. At the moment, the facebook page is updated most frequently and allows for your comments: Occupy-Madison.org Occupy Madison’s community page on facebook The official twitter account @OccupyMadison99 The livestream on-site video broadcast. You might see live more »

Occupy Chicago: This is What Democracy Looks Like!


I recently spent some time at #OccupyChicago with my good friend Allyson. Occupy Chicago is at the heart of the financial district in Chicago and is located at the corner of Jackson and LaSalle, which is a very short walk from the train. Their daily schedule includes twice daily general assemblies and one march. The more »