Smoking is good for you and so is Scott Walker

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Cognitive Dissidence dug into the records of exactly how Scott Walker spent a half a million dollars on his defense against the John Doe investigation in 2012 (the one he is merely “cooperating” with). He learned that Scott Walker gave around $10,000 of his defense funds to pay an international PR firm called APCO Worldwide more »

Scott Walker. Putt putt. Vroom vroom.

    Here’s a development on the John Doe case which got my attention as I rode the bus to Milwaukee today. A Rice Lake Harley Davidson vendor is suing the Milwaukee County prosecutor Bruce Landgraf over his pursuit of details on a credit card purchase. The Harley seller, Christopher Brekken of Rice Lake, contends more »

Money in Walker’s campaign coffers can be used to fight John Doe investigation

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Something smells rotten in Wisconsin. Consider if you will that a politician in Wisconsin can raise unlimited funds while opponents ready his recall. Then consider that any of those campaign funds can be transferred to defend the aforementioned crook against allegations of “a violation of either campaign finance laws or prohibited elections practices”. Scott Walker more »

What do you think of the Walkergate ad?

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What do you think about the Wisconsin Democratic Party’s new Walkergate ad? I’m seeing some folks comment that it’s reaching a bit – that the comparison is not accurate. And you might say that his radical agenda is fodder enough for any ad so why go for the John Doe investigation which will conclude in more »

What if Scott Walker resigns?

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Rumors that Scott Walker will be arrested in short order fly everywhere this week. While it’s hard to know if statements that begin with “I have sources who have sources who say” have any validity, they have me wondering: What if Walker resigns? There’s an equally valid question: “Is Walker sane enough to resign if more »

Walkergate: Empty drawers. Full dumpster.

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  I think when people learned about the absence of many documents from Scott Walker’s old Milwaukee County office back in January of 2011,  many thought, “Classic tale of outgoing and incoming administrations that don’t like each other.”  You see the exiting Scott Walker staff  didn’t really play nice with the incoming staff headed by more »

Scott “Milhous” Walker


An old Milwaukee comrade of the Gov. doesn’t just back away from the TeaPublican, he tosses a Nixon bomb on the way out. From Fox6Now: Milwaukee County Supervisor Mark Borkowski says, “When you start putting in a different communications line with the sole purpose that the public doesn’t know what’s going on, I’m sorry but more »

Walkergate Updates: A shady land deal witnessed, 6 people charged, a Secret 3G Network, More

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Here’s my catch-up on Walkergate developments. This post contains information on *Roger Quindel’s interview with TMJ4 *New charges against Darlene Wink and Kelly Rindfleisch – making it 6 people now who are charged in the John Doe A.K.A. “Walkergate” investigation. *A link to an archived Q&A with investigative reporter Daniel Bice of M.J.S. *The 57 more »

Revelations on Walkergate: 3 former Scott Walker aides charged for theft, fraud, child enticement

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After the latest Walkergate arrests Scott Walker is still walking scot-free. However we’re still left wondering why the Eagle Scout has close friends that commit theft, fraud, and child enticement. Three former Scott Walker associates were charged today in part of a John Doe investigation that’s been slowly progressing since May of 2010. Scott Walker more »

Is Scott Walker Two-Timing His Political Cronies?

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Image: from ortizmj12 It appears that Governor Scott Walker may not have enough raw meat to distribute to the hyenas who did most of the scavenging for him during his 2010 campaign. The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reported over the weekend that three days after John Doe target Cynthia Archer was supposed to start a new job at the Department of more »