Thank you, Chief Erwin!


Thanks to Chief Erwin and his saber rattling, more than two hundred sign-wielding singers showed up today to sing in the People’s House. As we have often done, we began by reading Article 1, Section 4, of the Wisconsin state constitution: State Rep. Chris Taylor showed up and told us that she met with Chief more »

Paying the Price for Free Speech

Solidarity Sing Along blue fist

I have half-joked for decades that one of the items on my bucket list is to be arrested for civil disobedience. The civil rights movement and the anti-war protests happened while I was safely ensconced in junior high and high school. I got to college in time to see one lone streaker torpedo across campus. more »

Fired Up! Reclaim Women’s Equality Day

not your body not your decision

Update: Rally at 4:30pm Monday, not at 1pm, as previously announced! I don’t know about you but I’ve had enough. I’ve had enough of the venomous anti-woman agenda of the Republican party, the leadership of which is more concerned about proving to the right-wing extremists controlling their party that they’re really as anti-abortion as it’s more »

Own Your Vote Rally Appleton, WI


About 40 people came to the early voting rally in Appleton, WI that started at City Park. Rep. Penny Bernard-Schaber was on hand and gave a rousing speech. She reminded us of how important it was for us to get Wisconsin moving in the right direction again and put it on a much better path. more »

Walker Protested at VFW in Appleton


Yesterday the soon to be former governor visited the V.F.W. in Appleton to sign a bill that helps military veterans. Of course, he was met with a good sized “welcoming committee”. It’s heartwarming for this wonk to know that they could get a pretty good sized crowd together on such short notice. Some people in more »

Givin’ Mitt Shitt in Fitchburg, Wisconsin

Woman holds a sign above her head which says "Think outside my box" at a protest of Mitt Romney at a Scott Walker call center in Fitchburg, Wisconsin March 31, 2012.

Approximately 250 people assembled outside of Walker’s laughably named “Victory Center” in Fitchburg to give Mitt Romney some heck Saturday March 31st. Romney was visiting to do a few of his robocalls live and to stump for his presidential primary in Wisconsin. The protesters were a mix of people who held signs like “Keep your more »

Driving the Snakes out of Wisconsin


The video will start where the parade footage kicks in. Almost everyone is familiar with how the original St. Patrick drove all the snakes out of Ireland, but how many people know that St. Patrick made a special visit to Fond du Lac last Saturday during their annual St. Patrick’s Day Parade? He came to more »

Reclaim Wisconsin Tour Stops in Kaukauna, WI

raised fists by JoePhilipson of flickr

Last night the Reclaim Wisconsin Tour came to Kaukauna, Wisconsin. These events are sponsored by the Wisconsin AFL-CIO among other groups. From the Wisconsin AFL-CIO: “The “Reclaim Wisconsin Tour” will discuss the impact of Gov. Walker’s policies on working people including the loss of family-sustaining jobs, the loss of employment protections and benefits, the continual more »

David Koch: Gentleman Billionaire

david koch

I’m surprised the following article on David Koch is not an even lighter piece of fluff, considering it comes from the Palm Beach Post Money section. The original title for the piece is “David Koch intends to cure cancer in his lifetime and remake American politics”.  The author mentions the attack on public unions and more »

Golden throne to follow Scott Walker across America

golden toilet

Now that is one classy toilet. UPDATE: A 2nd video 1% Walker Awarded Golden Toilet at Bankers Conference 2.6.12 from Matt Brusky on Vimeo. See the TMJ4 golden toilet presentation video. If you’re wondering why people in Wisconsin are vowing to send a golden toilet to Florida, it’s because Walker will be in Naples this more »

Liveblogging: Wisconsin Rise Up

rise up

This will be a live blog spot *on the issues of mining and wetlands in Wisconsin, *on protests, a People’s State of the State and a People’s Tribunal at Wisconsin’s Capitol building, *on Walker’s State of the State Address all day Wednesday Jan. 25 through Thurs. January 26. Please see the schedule top left of more »

Indiana “Right-to-Work” Legislation Take Two

clapboard take two

Indiana Republicans have put so called “right-to-work” legislation on a “fast track” in the hopes of having it passed into law before the Super Bowl on February 5th of this year. Republicans want to avoid negative the media attention of mass protests going on at the capital. If they want to avoid the potential for more »

Madison Police: Providing a Safe Place for Democracy

butterflies everywhere

Recently we’ve seen a lot of iconic images of police brutality against peaceful protesters from all over the country. From New York City to Tampa to Denver to Oakland and Davis, California, police are apparently under the illusion that violence is an appropriate response when the people exercise their constitutional right to free speech and more »