$$ Voting Made Easy: Empowering the 99%

Voting with your dollars

I’m about to buy a lawn mower, but I don’t want my money used to attack Wisconsin workers and families. There are several lists of companies to avoid when making purchasing decisions, such as companies led by people who gave big donations directly to the Walker campaign. Buying local is usually a wise decision, but more »

Final Word on Appleton’s “Donutgate”


In what could be billed as the next “rule of thumb” similar to “Don’t take wooden nickels” or “Beware of Greeks bearing gifts”, poll workers in Appleton, WI now have “Don’t accept doughnuts from candidates” as reported today by the Appleton Post Crescent. Fox 11 news also covered this story stating “the great donut debate more »

Let’s Sway Responsibly


This past year, I have been a frequent participant in the Solidarity Sing Along protests held every weekday in or just outside the Wisconsin Capitol. One of the songs we sing is “Bring Back Wisconsin to Me”, sung to the tune of “My Bonnie Lies Over the Ocean”, with new lyrics by Lou and Peter more »

Fraudulent elections?: “This does ruin people’s days. They don’t want to hear this.”


Jonathan D. Simon, Executive Director of Election Defense Alliance, is who you’ll hear from first in this video from August 27 at Wisconsin’s 2011 Democracy Convention. He says that in election after election, his watchdog organization has observed what he calls a “red shift”. He says the statistical improbabilities of the elections alone should alarm more »

G.A.B. to meet 2/7, 9AM to talk Tech School IDs and recall petition preparations

GAB government accountability board

Wisconsin’s Government Accountability Board will meet Feb. 7 in a special meeting. According to their agenda they will “Approve Proposed Rule Permitting Use of Technical College Student Identification Cards for Voting”. They will also report on recall petition preparations and then go into a closed session to discuss, very probably, a return to court in more »

GAB Installs Webcam for Viewing Of Petition Processing

recall poster

The Wisconsin Government Accountability Board (GAB) announced on their homepage that they have installed a webcam to allow online viewing of recall petition processing. Recall organizers in Wisconsin turned in close to 2 million signatures on Tuesday. The Governor, Lieutenant Governor, and 4 state senators will likely face recall elections as a result. Over a more »

VICTORY! Legislature’s Website Modified!


This is a quick follow up to a story I posted yesterday. The Wisconsin legislature had recently changed their website to show the wrong representatives on their “Who Represents Me?” feature. A query would display results as if new redistricting laws had already taken effect, describing a constituent’s future representatives as “current” representatives and labeling more »

That Fascist Bastard Scott Walker


Update: If we all google “Scott Walker fascist bastard” do you realize that google’s autofill will soon show that phrase to everybody? Hmmmmm. If you care to do that, feel free to click this convenient little link. ————————————- Did you read the story of Ruthelle Frank? She’s the 84-year-old woman from Brokaw, WI who has more »

John Nichols Visits the Appleton Recall Walker Headquarters

John Nichols made an impromptu stop at Recall Walker headquarters after speaking at the 7th Annual Esther Banquet. Because the group was small there was a certain level of informality and dialogue that wouldn’t have been possible with a larger gathering. People in attendance included Assembly woman Penny Bernard Schaber, former congressman Steve Kagen, Richard more »

Republican deception hits Wisconsin poll workers now


Republicans are reviving a state law which is already on the books but hasn’t been used in recent memory. It’s going to make being a clerk in Wisconsin more difficult at a time when clerks are already bracing themselves for implementation of the new voter ID law. The law states that for *first consideration* for more »

Where is this “On-the-ground enthusiasm for Mr. Obama”?

Here’s a quote from Jim Messina, Obama’s campaign manager, from the NYTimes article Democrats Fret Aloud Over Obama’s Chances– “… the criticism was largely a “Washington conversation” that did not match up with the on-the-ground enthusiasm for Mr. Obama among his network of supporters.” Messina is talking about flack Obama is catching from Democratic Party more »