Budget Reform Bill

Show Me What Solidarity Looks Like

Political life in the United States has become so noxious and hostile that extreme partisan polarization, name-calling, smears, and schoolyard taunts have become commonplace. Thanks in large part to our collective addiction to the miraculous medium of television, our attention spans rarely amount to more than a minute and a half. We expect every issue more »

Bad News for BadgerCare Plus

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Frankly, I don’t have good news regarding the state of BadgerCare Plus. In another move that shows that Republicans don’t listen to their constituents and put corporations interests over people, the Joint Finance Committee approved changes to BadgerCare yesterday that will cut an estimated 22,800 people from the program. Even though this plan is less more »

Wisconsin is seeing red: $143 million budget shortfall

money roll of 20s

I can’t wait to hear Scott Walker’s explanation for this situation. Under Gov. Walker, WI seeing red by Peter W. Barca A year ago when the budget condition statement did not require a repair bill, GOP inflated numbers to create a crisis so they could justify taking away workers’ rights, hiring more cronies and hijacking more »

Wisconsin Recall: We Are What Democracy Looks Like

Hundreds of UW Madison students fill Wisconsin's Capitol Building, Feb. 14, 2001

With less than a week to go in Wisconsin’s effort to collect signatures for the Walker recall, many of us are understandably turning our thoughts to who will run against him in the upcoming election. Honestly, the first thought that has come to mind every time I’ve considered the question is Russ Feingold. But Feingold more »

From Wisconsin’s Department of Unmitigated Gall


I received a charming little missive in my inbox today from none other than our illustrious guv himself: E-update from the Desk of Governor Scott Walker One of the most important duties I have serving as your Governor is to provide you directly with updates related to the operation of our state government. In an more »

All Hands on Deck for Dave Hansen!

by Appleton Wonk The weather isn’t the only thing getting hot in Wisconsin. Political activity in my fair state is white hot as we face the first general election in what will lead to nine recall elections this summer. Six Republican and three Democratic state senators face recall. If you live in Dave Hansen’s district more »

It’s raining Wisconsin politics. Election reform hearing, GOP and Harsdorf attack WiscNet, Walker math, “Down and dirty” time

  There’s just a lot going on. Election Reform: I will make this public hearing of the Assembly Committee on Election and Campaign Reform. I think I’ll hear from Kloppenburg/Prosser recount volunteers who observed some mysterious things such as barely closed ballot bags, torn-open bags, and piles of ballots discovered. I know 10:15AM is too more »

A Wisconsin status check.

I’m going to do the impossible and give a status check on all of Wisconsin politics. It might help the out-of-stater who is perhaps just now turning his or her attention from Anthony Weiner’s umm… tweets…and back to really important stuff like what is happening in my state. Wisconsin is hot again. Maybe too hot. more »

Judge Sumi plays by the rules. Wisconsin Republicans don’t.

“Wisconsin Republicans were struck down in a blaze of judicial glory” – Sarah Jones, Politicususa. I wish Judge Maryann Sumi really was a fire-breathing liberal. However, I believe she just respects the Wisconsin constitution and the law. I learned what I need to know about Wisconsin’s open meetings’ law from watching Peter Barca fire-breathe it on more »

Scott Walker grilled to a crisp in Washington D.C.

First grilling of the season. And they’re all sooooooo good. You can’t enjoy just one. But if there were only one to take in, I would select Gwen Moore’s. She is from Milwaukee, Wisconsin. “Gov. Scott Walker called his approach to Wisconsin’s budget “truly progressive” during his testimony Thursday morning in Washington, D.C. Walker began more »

Grab bag of Wisconsin Solidarity, News, and Views

Wisconsin Act 10 Stalls Today 3/31 Judge Maryann  Sumi ordered that the law “has not been published within the meaning” of Wisconsin law and “is therefore not in effect.”’ And following Huebsch said, “given the most recent court action we will suspend the implementation of it at this time. DOA will continue to abide by more »

One of the men behind the “apology” to Judge Sumi is interviewed by Patrick Waring of WORT FM

Journalist Patrick Waring speaks to Jeff Waksman,  one of the authors of an “apology” to Dane County Judge Maryann Sumi. Comments are welcome. This interview was done for WORT FM 89.9. http://soundcloud.com/hear_patrick_run/sumi-apology-jeff Wednesday, March 30, 2011 “RPDC Apologizes To Judge Sumi The Republican Party of Dane County sent out a press release on March 29th criticizing more »

Judge Sumi begins to untangle the Fitzwalkerstan web

Notes and or tweets gleaned from today’s proceedings in Dane County Court. If you’d like a more conventional article, here is TPM. This tweet sums up a lot. One of my favorites: “Sinking in how Scott Fitzgerald & the Attorney General’s office consciously put Legislative Reference Bureau staff in potentially significant legal jeopardy. What assholes.” more »

Appeals Court to Attorney General Van Hollen: NO

Every moment when one of Walker’s crew is told “no” is a happy one for me. Today State Attorney General J.B. Van Hollen was told, to my understanding: – the Wisconsin Court of Appeals District IV lacks the authority to withdraw an appeal to the Supreme Court, and so, we will not do that. – more »

Grab bag of solidarity, cooperatives, and the CLAP.

Madison housing cooperatives face threat. Mayor Dave? This Tuesday night March 29 at 6:30pm Alder Marsha Rummel will introduce a measure to prevent city zoning from removing “co-op friendly” provisions in city code [the agenda]. April 5th we have a mayoral election. Madison is home to at least 11 cooperative housing sites some of which more »

Headlines. Call ’em like you see ’em.

I’ve been traipsing about meeting Joanne Kloppenburg and hanging out at Wisconsin’s capitol with the other fans of cooperatives and labor. I’m now parking myself at a free computer at Michelangelo’s on State St.  Apparently while I was out having fun, illusory tenant was combing the net and finding that most U.S. dailies got the more »

Counterfeit Wisconsin

The Walker administration is pretending lying. They have printed the “budget repair bill” and they are putting forth the message that it doesn’t need to face the scrutiny of the Wisconsin Supreme Court as decided by an appellate court on 3/24/11. (Court’s decision. My post on the decision.) Scott Walker, Scott Fitzgerald and the Wisconsin more »