Outsourcery, Burke v. Walker edition.

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I find this game of Which-Is-The-Worst-Outsourcer depressing. Neither candidate is able to come out strong against outsourcing. Bill Clinton signed NAFTA in 1993 (after Bush, Carter, and Ford helped him sell it to America) and the rest is history. Anyway. Just a few notes, here. 1. Scott Walker’s campaign is still ignoring Wall Street Journal Here’s more »

Racine, Wisconsin school district puts book purge on pause


According to a story in the Journal Times entitled, “Unified holds ‘weeded’ books for librarians to examine“, the purging of school library books in Racine, Wisconsin will be paused for two schools. RACINE — Unified’s administration will hold books removed from the libraries of Case High School and Mitchell Middle School until those schools’ new more »

Latest poll is fund-raising fuel for Mary Burke


Just three thoughts on this latest poll since this reaction is late by internet standards. 1) Marquette U. polls have been the most accurate polls of any that focus on Wisconsin. 2) These are the most important numbers to take away from it: Among registered voters likely to vote, it’s Burke 47%, Walker 46%. 3) more »

Ron Johnson’s “stunt” of a lawsuit finally crashes, burns

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“Senator Johnson’s lawsuit is an unfortunate political stunt.” - WI GOP Congressman Jim Sensenbrenner 01/06/14 It cost Senator Ron Johnson at least $51,878.50 to file a baseless lawsuit against Obamacare that was finally thrown out of court. “Given that the plaintiffs receive, at worst, a benefit, they cannot claim to be injured under an equal protection theory”, said more »

ALERT for JACKSON COUNTY: “Powerful Sand Mine Companies are Gaming the System…” Informational Hearing, Thurs., 7/17 9:30am, Black River Falls


I am copying and pasting exactly what I received by email today.  - blue cheddar     ——————————————————- ATTACHMENTS:  Public Notice, Ordinances, Flyer Please distribute  this message widely (a flyer is also attached).  We need as many people as possible from all over the state to attend the meeting tomorrow.  I am also contacting the media, newspaper and more »

AZ Republican delivers frothy speech about busload of kids – who then laugh. They’re local kids going to camp.


If this Republican fails in Arizona politics, he should give Hollywood a try. Reporter Brahm Resnick caught a Republican state legislator and candidate for office dramatically orating about “lady justice holding a blindfold over her face” in front of some conservative protesters (presumably protesters itching to yell at children from Central America on their way more »

Scott Walker’s odds just got downgraded by Stu Rothenberg

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Political prognosticator and syndicated columnist Stu Rothenberg just downgraded Walker’s chancing of winning in November to “Lean Republican”. Before he had him “favored” to win it. It’s because “over the past couple of weeks, the campaign fight has been over whether Walker is the subject of a federal investigation into allegations of illegal campaign coordination. more »

No backing down: Local UAW branch sets up at VW Chattanooga

2011 Labor Day poster from Wichita Kansas

Yay! UAW International President Dennis Williams said Thursday afternoon the new chapter is being created in Chattanooga because “the February vote was a narrow loss — 53 percent to 47 percent — and the result showed strong support among workers, despite heavy opposition from outside groups and Tennessee legislators” and because the UAW already has more »

Scott Walker’s economic dev’t agency helped two companies make jobs for foreign countries, not WI

Scott Walker waves to crowd and thinks "Suckers".

Channel 27′s Greg Neumann has figured out that at least two companies that received WEDC money laid off Wisconsin workers and then created jobs overseas. The companies named are Plexus Corporation and Eaton Corporation. We know that Walker callously “cares too much” to let the poor become dependent on the state government even during a more »

Buckle up. Blog changes and glitches ahead.


Hello readers. The blue cheddar blog will be experiencing a few changes due to a switch to a new host. There could be a missed email update or two from me and definitely many of the photographs of archived posts will go missing for a time. Rest assured that the blue cheddar blogger and the more »