Walker’s Philadelphia cheesesteak mockery

Several Philly tourists not amused with Scott Walker crashing their lunch. Overheard: “Stand in line with the rest of us.” “Who is that?” — Jenna Johnson (@wpjenna) July 28, 2015 This is silly but sometimes you just gotta stop, smell the roses, and indulge in some mockery of Scott Walker’s cheesesteak choices. It’s the standard more »

WI Supreme Court “went well beyond what any court has ever held in opening the floodgates to secret money in politics”

Brendan Fischer of PRWatch was recently interviewed by Janine Jackson of Fair.org. A couple of exerpts: JJ: Well, it sounds as though the charge was that Walker actively sought to skirt finance laws and that the ruling is: Yes, he did, but it’s OK? I mean, help us to understand exactly what happened here. BF: That’s about right. more »

Republican presidential candidates cluster accounts at bank with only 1 branch in McLean, Virginia

Hmmmmm. From Bloomberg: “According to the most recent Federal Election Commission filings, Chain Bridge is the sole bank serving Jeb Bush’s presidential campaign, which reported raising $11.4 million as of June 30, and his allied super-PAC, Right to Rise, which says it’s raised $103 million so far. Donald Trump’s campaign banks at Chain Bridge, and it’s more »

“I guess Americans for Prosperity runs the state”

Doug Chayka’s lengthy piece on highway spending features Wisconsin. Here’s an excerpt: In some ways, Wisconsin represents an extreme example of the priorities that have traditionally dominated U.S. transportation policy, In some states, regional transit agencies are underfunded; in Wisconsin, thanks to Walker and the legislature, they’re illegal. Walker also killed a “Complete Streets” program more »

Iowa is smelling the BS around Walker’s Kohls speech

Iowans are learning that Scott Walker doled out over $68 million to Kohls. It’s undermining his “brown bag government” schtick. Excellent! If they keep pulling at loose threads on his stories they’re going to turn up tales of unaccountable millions in corporate welfare he gave out through WEDC. Des Moines Register has the story:  Some more »

Walker’s homophobic Boy Scout brouhaha

On Monday the Boy Scouts of America’s national executive committee voted unanimously to rescind their ban on “out” gay adults serving as Scouts, volunteers, or troop leaders. (YAY! GOOD FOR THE SCOUTS!) Soon afterward Walker was interviewed by Independent Journal Review. He was asked about the Scout policy update and he said this: “I was more »

Statement from Prosecutor in John Doe Case, Francis Schmitz

From: Francis Schmitz Date: Thu, Jul 16, 2015 at 1:17 PM Subject: Statement regarding Wisconsin Supreme court ruling To: I am disappointed with today’s ruling from the Wisconsin Supreme Court and respectfully disagree with the conclusions drawn by the majority which end the investigation. The decision represents a loss for all of the citizens of more »

Corrupt Wisconsin Supreme Court kills John Doe investigation

  For NEWBIES If you have no idea what we learned about the incestuous criminally minded group that installed Scott Walker as governor, then Mary Bottari’s piece “The Disappearance of John Doe” is a good place to start. ———————————————— …the majority opinion takes the absolutist position that Chapter 11 does not reach any issue advocacy and more »

The ReTRUMPlican Wave Continues

It pleases me that Trump is taking energy away from Scott Walker’s campaign and I like that he makes the Republican Party look bad. On the other hand, Trump’s hateful lunacy probably makes Walker look sorta normal to the uninformed voter and that effect could wind up giving Walker more latitude than I would like. more »

Wisconsin’s HELL WEEK in Review

Leave me a comment if I left out a big story. I know there’s a lot of political stories on Walker’s campaign but this is intended to be a Wisconsin-centric post. ————————————————————– GOAL: Distract them from Walker’s dumpster fire of a budget STATUS: Achieved So the big open records scandal which erupted leading into the more »