Assorted things hitting the Wisconsin fan lately

Simply sharing a few readings today: The latest on privatization of care for the disabled from Senator Kathleen Vinehout. —————- From Walker budget removes “Wisconsin” from the UW: “They want the UW System to be a glorified technical school that produces workers for corporations, and not as a source of public good that provides research more »

Walker slips on Freudian ice in Florida

Walker begging for money is not exactly the newsiest portion of a February 28 New York Times article on “Rich Donors”. For years now Walker has been bee-lining to rich men in Palm Beach, Orange County, New York, and D.C. to play the martyr up against the big, bad unions who made him run through more »

“Shut It Down” or Submit: Photos, video, thoughts after Sat. 2/28 Labor Rally in Madison, WI

On Saturday labor leaders at the big staged microphone delivered speeches to between 3,000 and 5,000 Wisconsinites about maintaining the long fight to preserving worker rights, workplace safety, and “the middle class” and they called on their members to contact their legislators. Meanwhile, the rank and file in Wisconsin discusses the futility of showing up more »

WI Union Leader Calls For Action: “I’m getting sick and tired of coming to these rallies, singing Kumbaya, and end up getting screwed”

Yes. I am sick to death of it. February 26, 2015 Machinists Union leader alludes to general strike at Wisconsin Capitol rally I’m getting sick and tired of coming to these rallies, singing Kumbaya, and end up getting screwed,” Phil Gruber, Midwest territory general vice president for the Machinists Union, told some 2,000 people attending more »

WISCONSIN: “Expect calls for a General Strike Tuesday”

The following comes from the post “GENERAL STRIKE” at The Devil’s Advocates Radio Network – Wisconsin: Madison-A unanimous vote of three represented labor unions and other assembled activists (at a hastily called luncheon #crute was invited to attend) to support a #GeneralStrike . A General Strike was the only unifying strategy discussed to block Right-to-Work more »

February 21 in Madison, WI – Midwest Tar Sands/Bakken Petroleum Summit: Building the Movement in the Midwest

The following information comes from the Petroleum Summit’s facebook event. Important notes: * If you want to go, you must register for the event in advance HERE. Saying you are going on the facebook event does not count as a registration. * Check back with the facebook link for up-to-the-moment changes in the event. ———————————— more »

#SaveOurUW: Eau Claire Friday, Madison Sat. Feb. 14

There is now a comprehensive #SaveOurUW calendar web site. A Friday February 13th rally in Eau Claire, WI is not listed there – but it is found on facebook. A Saturday NOON February 14th rally is also scheduled on Library Mall at UW Madison’s campus: facebook link. If you need a bit of inspiration, watch this video more »

Walker lied about deleting the truth

Walker’s pants are engulfed in flames over at Politifact now. For continued reading on WHY he’s wearing hot pants, see “Power of the Wisconsin Idea“. To keep up with Wisconsin’s response to Walker’s proposed cuts for the state university system, see #SaveOurUW on twitter, or on facebook. Image used with permission of O.L.B.

Video of the Ferguson to Madison march

Check back here tonight to see more photos and videos of the shutdown of Doty and Hamilton Streets, the march, and more (I’m out of time and going to work now). This is a 43 second video showing you how intense and large the march in the streets was on Tuesday here in Madison, Wisconsin.

“His condition causing his retirement is directly related to the outrageous and indefensible conduct of the tea party and its followers”


A former chief of police, Tim Kelemen,  is saying that the mental duress he experienced throughout the Tea Party’s battle with the Town of Campbell has caused him enough harm to have disabled his mental health. Kelemen’s undisclosed mental health condition, confirmed by doctors and counselors, erupted in December “after the extreme harassment, including death more »