Glenwood City, WI to protest at city hall TODAY after learning frac sand CEO is a pedophile imprisoned in Texas since June


***Please read it and then SHARE it***  PRESS RELEASE 8/29/14 Glenwood City, WI For a group of concerned parents and residents who make up the grassroots Glenwood City Citizens for Legal and Ethical Representation it has been two long years of battle for the citizens of Glenwood City, Wis., as they make one final push more »

“We’ve been doing a stupid thing”

Carrying a large rainbow flag. Pic by blue cheddar. Event: Madison Pride 2012

Update: Here’s a link to the amici curiae brief [a 33 page PDF] filed with the court by the Family Equality Council. According to writer Chris Geidner this brief had a strong impact on Judge Posner of the 7th Circuit Court of Appeals. ——————————- This is about the states of Wisconsin and Indiana getting their more »

Bumping into WI DOJ investigator during 2013 Capitol Crackdown led to disorderly ticket for photographer. Today: CASE DISMISSED

This is what it looks like to use a police force to harass politically engaged people like a photographer who took the best photographs of the arrests suffered during last summer’s crackdown on the Wisconsin Solidarity Sing Along. Watch the court video but be aware that the stupid is strong within and you may be at more »

#Ferguson: “At 3PM on Monday, August 18th, we are calling on Governor Nixon to meet and demand a de-escalation of police violence”


Please retweet and share this – especially with friends and family you may have in Missouri. Solidarity with the people of Ferguson. I need you all to RT the following steps…….#Ferguson — justified agitator (@Awkward_Duck) August 18, 2014 CALL GOVERNOR NIXON TO ACTION AT 3:00 PM TODAY IN KIENER PLAZA RT #Ferguson — justified agitator more »

Cheerleading and BONG HITS 4 JESUS


So some cheerleaders in Texas decide to hold their biblical quotes on a publicly funded field while wearing uniforms that represent their publicly funded school, but they claim it’s their private speech and should therefore be protected by the first amendment. Also: religious freedom. *sigh* Why females would want sharia law, I’ll never understand. Do more »

Remember how WI GOP threw vets under a bus with that asbestos bill? Vets are back and now they’re working with Dems

walker and veteran

Glad to see Wisconsin veterans playing hardball with Walker on that rotten asbestos law. “Four months after telling veterans to “stand down” on opposing a bill meant to curtail asbestos lawsuits, veterans advocate Jason Johns joined Democrats in introducing a bill that would repeal the measure Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker signed into law…..” Johns and more »

McDonald’s held jointly liable for shitty treatment of workers. Door’s now open to a McD’s union.

Image Credit: Light Brigading. Image title: "Join The Strike"

National Labor Relations Board’S general counsel on Tuesday ruled that McDonald’s can not hold itself separate from what franchises are doing to their workers but are instead jointly liable for labor and wage violations. This opens the door to the formation of nationwide labor unions for McDonald’s workers. This could eventually go to the Supreme more »