I wear many hats: mom, librarian, constituent, activist, autism advocate, singer, writer, gardener, voracious reader. I've lived in Madison since 1998, and have been blogging the Wisconsin Uprising at Daily Kos since February 11, 2011 -- the very day that Scott Walker "dropped the bomb."

Flagrant Hypocrisy: Down the Memory Hole with Scott Walker

Why, oh why, can Wisconsin not hold Scott Walker to account for flagrant, outrageous hypocrisy between his pre-governor press statements and his actions as governor? I’m going to source these three examples for you. But even so, you may find it hard to believe. OK, here’s the first one. Remember how Walker campaigned so vehemently more »

WPRI Surveys Private Schools, Concludes “Wisconsin is Failing to Help Students with Disabilities”

The conservative think-tank Wisconsin Public Research Institute (WPRI) has issued a report on the failings of education in Wisconsin, just days before Governor Walker is slated to release his 2013/2015 state budget proposal. You might expect, given that the governor has been talking for months about using the budget to expand Milwaukee-like voucher programs into more »

Stop Special Needs Vouchers in Wisconsin!

If there’s one thing we’ve learned in Wisconsin since February 2011, and in Michigan just this month, it’s that what gets passed in the statehouse after the election can be devastatingly different than what was promised or campaigned upon or even hinted at before. We’ve also been hit with the following corollary: these things can more »