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From Jake’s Economic TA Funhouse: Logisticare is leaving Wisconsin but county-based care won’t replace it

This featured post comes from a great blog – Jake’s Economic TA Funhouse. You might think it’s time to celebrate given the fact that notoriously neglectful Medicaid-sponge Logisticare is leaving the dairy state. Sorry, but the story isn’t quite so cheery. In this post Jake explains that Wisconsin’s DHS is vowing to stay on the more »

Wisconsin education action: urge your legislators to support “Fair Funding for Our Future” and “A Penny for Kids”

Schoolhouse by jonathan_moreau, creative commons use

The following comes to us from Heather DuBois Bourenane and the blog Monologues of Dissent: In recent weeks, Scott Walker has been bragging left and right that education will be his “laser focus” for the next biennial budget (having stripped his promise of creating 500,000 jobs from his website and moved on to new things, more »

Wisconsin Soap Box on the 18th District State Senate Race, Jessica King vs. Rick Gudex

This is an excerpt from a recent post at the blog Wisconsin Soap Box called “Wednesday Evening Quarterbacking… The Election”. This portion is republished here with the permission of the blogger. The reader should note that Jessica King is not conceding to Gudex until the final canvass of votes is completed. It’s expected that will more »

Root River Siren Report: Romney poll observer training in Wisconsin

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Kristina Sesek is in Wisconsin giving what Root River Siren calls “incorrect, illegal and just creepy poll observation tips” to poll observers on behalf of the Romney campaign. R.R.Siren sat in on a session and obtained Sesek’s training materials which tell the trainees to: *Misrepresent themselves by saying they are “concerned citizens”, not Republicans or more »

Even worse than the press let on: Feds’ letter to DOA suspends block grant program, says WEDC not state agency

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This post’s Featured Wisconsin Blogger is Scott Wittkopf of Badger Democracy “Badger Democracy has obtained a letter from the US Department of Housing and Urban Development Milwaukee Office (HUD) dated May 17, 2012 to Department of Administration (DOA) Secretary Mike Huebsch. HUD was not just critical of DOA/State oversight of the new Wisconsin Economic Development more »

A Plan to “Do away with Medicaid and Medicare”: Tommy Thompson Admitted It, Paul Ryan Lies About It

tommy thompson with ted nugent

This post’s Featured Wisconsin Blogger is AnnieJo of DailyKos When Wisconsin Senate candidate Tommy “Friend of Ted Nugent” Thompson spoke to a Tea Party group in Oconomowoc, WI back in May he said, that he would “do away” with Medicaid and Medicare. Did he really say that? Yes. Here’s just a bit more context: … more »

More than 10,000 sign petition against personal attacks, tell Tommy Thompson to “take responsibility”

From Lisa Mux over at Blogging Blue: In less than four days, more than 10,000 people have signed my petition calling on Tommy Thompson to denounce personal attacks in politics. Wisconsinites from all over the state have expressed outrage, not only over the homophobic email Thompson’s aide sent to the media, but over the way more »

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel shills for extremists to explain progressive gains

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Dominique Paul Noth wrote a scathing critique of the MJS article “Group helped force out anti-abortion Democratic incumbents” written by Jason Stein and Alison Bauter: What a cockeyed piece of political reporting in Journal Sentinel August 16, a combination of lazy wordsmithing and outright shilling to the evangelist and right-wing extremes. From headline to content, more »

Right wing ‘Dems’ out to beat progressives Pasch and Zamarripa in Aug. 14 primary

By Louis Weisberg of Wisconsin Gazette State Reps. JoCasta Zamarripa and Sandy Pasch, along with their supporters, charge that their Democratic primary opponents’ views are more in line with Republicans than with mainstream Democrats. Laura Manriquez, who hopes to unseat Zamarripa in the 8th Assembly District, calls herself a “lifetime Democrat.” But she has the more »

Maryland Governor corrects Walker: The “massive tax increase” is the “freeloader penalty”

Doctor uses stethoscope to listen to elderly man's heart beat.

It’s always a pleasure for me to see Scott Walker’s half-truths properly and publicly rebuked and so I thank the blogger Democurmudgeon. He caught Maryland’s Governor Martin O’Malley correcting Scott Walker on Face the Nation over what exactly that Obamacare “tax” is. He also caught Walker telling a new lie about non-existent “research” on healthcare more »

Fitzgerald’s contempt, redux

Back in January, I wrote an essay entitled “Contempt, thy name is Fitzgerald.”  That piece was, in large part, born from the reservoir of moral outrage and disbelief that pooled in my psyche after watching the events … Please continue to Badger Blue, Times Two to read more of this piece by Brian Austin.