Skibent is a proud descendant of the Viking gene-pool that Colonel Heg descended from in the country of Norway. The same dedicated, relentless drive that Col. Heg had, still drives Skibent in these difficult and unjust times. Skibent was born and raised in Wisconsin and worked hard through the years to become educated and become an educator. Knowing that infrastructure is paramount in building a fair, respectful community with concern for the common good for all, Skibent continues to work hard at the grassroots level and has written articles for several newspapers throughout recent months. Skibent is proud to join the bluecheddar blog with ongoing concerns that affect all citizens in Wisconsin as well as the nation and the world.

A Wisconsin Fable: The Wolf and the Lamb

wolf and lamb fable aesops

A post by Skibent Children are often taught lessons of life through stories that connect with their own experiences. Often these stories are in simple context but have great impact on learning through association. Aesop’s Fables offer lessons that teach fairness and respect for all with concern for the common good of friends and neighbors more »

Scott Walker’s Soup Lines

soup line

The only good result of enduring many, expensive commercials – bought by the wealthy who don’t even live here – is that we know Walker has apparently had practice so that he can help serve our citizens soup on the poverty lines that have already begun for many in the state of Wisconsin. These soup more »

Destroying Our Most Precious Resource

Image by Lynn Friedman. Creative Commons license.

Our children – Wisconsin’s most precious resource – are being hurt by the lies and power grabs of those who have taken control of our state government. These politicians are taking money from our citizens, schools and local governments to give to their wealthy campaign contributors. Many of their political supporters don’t even live in more »