Aredee is a Milwaukee native who began paying into the Social Security system when he was 14. He graduated from UW-Madison in 1972, and has worked in broadcasting, teaching and free lance writing in such far-flung regions as Peoria, Illinois, the Omaha, Nebraska region, and Pewaukee. Now living in Madison, Aredee is retired on disability, shamelessly using his earned Social Security, Wisconsin state pension and Medicare to keep him healthy enough to at least think clearly, despite whatever physical limitations he faces. At 61, he refuses to call himself an old fart, claiming the nomenclature "well-aged flatulent" as a more accurate description. If you wish to be bored to tears, ask him about the pride and love he has for his wife and their grown daughter. His hobbies include a love for the performing arts and reading. Aredee's political views have varied over the years; but now he considers himself to be advocating socialism (that is, economic justice) for everyone, not just the rich and corporations, as currently is the case. Religiously, he is a devout agnostic.

The REAL story behind the Madison Prep Academy Proposal? Helping “At Risk” Kids is a Cover for Union-Busting


Madison’s proposed Preparatory Academy is making some new changes to their plans for the all-girls and all-boys charter schools Now it comes out that the prep school backers want to use non-union teachers & staff. In journalism school, this is called “burying the lede.” The real story here is union busting as an excuse for more »

In Defense of the US Postal Service


The other day I had a packet of documents that needed to be shipped to the east coast for arrival the next day. I started shopping around. Initially it made sense to ship it Fed Ex, since I was planning to make copies of my documents at the Fed Ex Office store (formerly Kinko’s), anyway–that more »

Socialism for the Rich: the Next Chapter

money roll of 20s

I was researching the expression, “Socialism for the rich, capitalism for the poor” as it is used to describe the American economy, or, if you prefer, “privatizing profits and socializing losses.” I wouldn’t cite a Wikipedia article for an academic paper, but in this case, it seems convenient. To my surprise, the I discovered concept more »