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I'm coming to you from the beautiful Fox River Valley as "Appleton Wonk". I am interested in all things Wisconsin politics and am a big follower of #wiunion on Twitter. I can be found on Twitter as @Jane_WI.

“Family Values” Republican Michelle Litjens to Divorce


UPDATE: Michelle Litjens will be in office until next January. Tea Party darling and Michelle Bachmann “wannabe”, Michelle Litjens has been busy reinventing herself this year. First, the freshman Republican announced in February that she would not seek re-election to the state assembly. At the time TMJ reported that she wanted to spend more time more »

It’s Not Over

So, we lost last night and Walker gets to stay on as governor. Yes, it sucks in a big way, but honestly people it isn’t over yet. We won’t lose unless we all figuratively decide to “take our ball and go home”. I, for one, won’t be doing that. On the bright side, we did more »

Own Your Vote Rally Appleton, WI


About 40 people came to the early voting rally in Appleton, WI that started at City Park. Rep. Penny Bernard-Schaber was on hand and gave a rousing speech. She reminded us of how important it was for us to get Wisconsin moving in the right direction again and put it on a much better path. more »

You’ve Protested at the Capital, Signed the Recall Papers, Now Get Out There and Vote


Recall Walker day, June 5th is rapidly approaching. On this day people in Wisconsin can collectively stand up and put a stop to Walker’s anti-worker, anti-woman, anti-union, anti-environment agenda. We can show the state and country that people in Wisconsin still believe in the “Wisconsin way” of fair play, open government and progressive values. People more »

Walker Protested at VFW in Appleton


Yesterday the soon to be former governor visited the V.F.W. in Appleton to sign a bill that helps military veterans. Of course, he was met with a good sized “welcoming committee”. It’s heartwarming for this wonk to know that they could get a pretty good sized crowd together on such short notice. Some people in more »

Domestic terrorist Francis Grady gasoline bombed a Wisconsin Planned Parenthood because “they’re killing babies there”


Update 04/05/12 “Do you even care at all about the 1,000 babies that died screaming?” This is a statement Francis Grady made aloud to his court-appointed attorney yesterday in federal court in Green Bay. Francis Grady wanted to plead guilty immediately to arson of a building used in interstate commerce and intentionally damaging a property more »

Should Journalists Sign Recall Petitions?


I’ll be adding updates at the top of the post as this story progresses. – blue cheddar Saturday’s #newsq: Ask Gannett, is signing a recall petition really more of a political statement than not signing it?… — NiemanWatchdog (@NiemanWatchdog) March 24, 2012 Today Genia Lovett from the Appleton Post-Crescent broke the news that “25 more »

Final Word on Appleton’s “Donutgate”


In what could be billed as the next “rule of thumb” similar to “Don’t take wooden nickels” or “Beware of Greeks bearing gifts”, poll workers in Appleton, WI now have “Don’t accept doughnuts from candidates” as reported today by the Appleton Post Crescent. Fox 11 news also covered this story stating “the great donut debate more »

Driving the Snakes out of Wisconsin


The video will start where the parade footage kicks in. Almost everyone is familiar with how the original St. Patrick drove all the snakes out of Ireland, but how many people know that St. Patrick made a special visit to Fond du Lac last Saturday during their annual St. Patrick’s Day Parade? He came to more »

Bad News for BadgerCare Plus

P1040117 (Medium)

Frankly, I don’t have good news regarding the state of BadgerCare Plus. In another move that shows that Republicans don’t listen to their constituents and put corporations interests over people, the Joint Finance Committee approved changes to BadgerCare yesterday that will cut an estimated 22,800 people from the program. Even though this plan is less more »

Appleton Taxpayers United and “Much Ado About” Doughnuts

Last year Appleton Taxpayers United railed against same sex partner benefits for city workers in Appleton This year the group has filed an ethics complaint with the city of Appleton against Common Council President Cathy Spears because she delivered doughnuts to poll workers. Really. From an article at the Post Crescent. “Appleton Taxpayers United, and more »

Reclaim Wisconsin Tour Stops in Kaukauna, WI

raised fists by JoePhilipson of flickr

Last night the Reclaim Wisconsin Tour came to Kaukauna, Wisconsin. These events are sponsored by the Wisconsin AFL-CIO among other groups. From the Wisconsin AFL-CIO: “The “Reclaim Wisconsin Tour” will discuss the impact of Gov. Walker’s policies on working people including the loss of family-sustaining jobs, the loss of employment protections and benefits, the continual more »

Hank the Cat Runs for Senate Seat in Virginia


Last year I started joking about having my cat run for Wisconsin governor. His slogan was “A vote for me is a vote for dolphin safe tuna in every bowl”. It was something that would bring the occasional chuckle from my friends and family but nothing more. What I didn’t realize is that pets have more »

“Right to Work” for Less Now Law in Indiana


The protest video above was shot during the governor’s state of the state address on January 10, 2012. There’s nothing quite like watching protest video to get this wonk’s attention. It’s heart warming to see democracy in action. Since last year the people in Indiana have gained a special place in my heart. To refresh more »

Hurley Mining Bill Hearing Today 1/11/2011 at 10 am


There’s a very important hearing regarding a proposed mining operation going on at the Hurley Inn auditorium starting at 10 this morning. Badger Democracy has done an excellent write up on this hearing. If you have a chance, I highly recommend taking the time to read their post. It can be found here. Mike Simonson more »

Indiana “Right-to-Work” Legislation Take Two

clapboard take two

Indiana Republicans have put so called “right-to-work” legislation on a “fast track” in the hopes of having it passed into law before the Super Bowl on February 5th of this year. Republicans want to avoid negative the media attention of mass protests going on at the capital. If they want to avoid the potential for more »

Walker Supporter Behaving Badly


The following post is based on reports from social media and from the video above. Zach W. at Blogging Blue has also covered this incident. His post is worth the read. I find myself with more questions than answers regarding what’s being shown on this video. Why would anyone say something to the effect of more »

“Subversive” Bracelets for Sale in Appleton, WI


Readers with delicate sensibilities be advised there is an upcoming swear word that starts with the letter “F” later in this post. Please stop reading this post now if you are easily offended. Just know these bracelets make a great Christmas present and can also serve as a stocking stuffer. If you’re like me and more »